Thursday 26 January 2012

If I were you...

try a hotwire to the coil
and after a hesitant start, she ran well and revved too!
(the light switch was incorporated when 'moi' wondered how the fuck, if she did start, I could stop her)
and check the compression
big numbers with pete kicking and me holding the tester (not the screw in type!)
Both 140psi and 120s with throttle open.

Later returned to original switch / wiring and she stalled when under load 
letting clutch out to test ride.


Rowan said...

hahahahaha thats a bloody great compression figure... when she does go you'll f'kin know about it !!!

wiring !!!!

JBMFT said...

I'm thoroughly impressed with your patience. I'm certain the frustration would have killed me by this point....

arcadian said...

possession jbmt, shes got her hooks into me good and proper