Monday 28 February 2011

more LICS...

Milkcow Mobile Rockabilly - 
Zero Pageant paint - by Ty Lawer on the
Krazyhorse stand who've sold zero 'zeroes' in England 
but six oh 'zeroes' (sixty) in Europe!
you got baffles in those pipes sonny?
Barons Stand before it got real busy
 Wade and 'sickboyz' have new premises and won frame and build contracts
 leatherland visitor

Sunday 27 February 2011

A parallel universe...

In London we currently have the 2nd international custom show.
Two bikes had a sissy bar, so no swedes then 
Some were high end builds of course
Hey, if not for the big harley shops like Shaw, Gale?, Warr and the aftermarket Zodiac crew, Roland Sands, Custom Chrome, 
the show wouldn't happen
 knuckle engined skull city 
close your eyes Rowan
So Cal Choppers and west coast bobbers are not a Brit thing and without the corporate and mainstream we'd probably just have a little BSH Stand at a show with a few chops in the corner so get real.
 Nice pan
low level lighting 
wow another shovel 
wonder who it belongs to 
nice detail mr griff 
masssage? oh go on let me... 
Dicks shop, gorgeous Original Sin trump 

Although Barons Speed Shop, and Krazy Horse, with a fuck off display shone like a beacon, the likes of garage built filtering through is probably always long term. When it does, she'll have taken her lane splitting bars and have moved on.
And maybe thats how it should be, I'd be pissed off  if Tesco started knocking out 'diggers' haha.

London 'International' Custom Show

 My favourite
Wayne Murray's  
'Brothel Creeper'
My favourite 2
Larry Houghton of Lamb Engineering's
Son of a Gun 

 Dinosaur in the custom jungle
 Phew, a shovel
seems to have a bit more pipework than usual

somethings don't change
Nice, keep the flag flying 

Friday 25 February 2011

afternoon delight...

 something for the weekend
star rockets in flight

How to waste time...

 Got one of those nice round key ignitions from Angella @ Cycle Haven 
(no pic, read on)
After careful thought on the position, I spent more than half a day creating an Ignition Bracket from a bit of mudguard (1.6mm) Paul gave me and bolted it under the seat pan as a weld seemed a bit awkward.
 I wondered why the ignition had just two wires, it was for a dyna, and a separate switch for the lights would be required, so that went back and although the position is OK recessed, its too flimsy and it wants welding on!
 So thats another day of my life fucking gone.

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Sunday 20 February 2011

a flakey visit...

After a 'shitty' two hours on the motorway up to Bromsgrove (Birmingham), I found a rural business park and while trying to find Flakey's Shop ...
 came across this familiar looking establishment  of 
Benny made me welcome with a cup of tea, while I waited for Dave 
to show up and
he also introduced me to the chap who makes their digger frames. 
Fuck - how many bikes can you get in one shop Benny - Haha.
Back at the Flakey shop, nothing was too much trouble - he's also going to pressure test my tank as there'd been a bit of work done to it.
 I'd ground down a weld at the rear of the tank, the petcock had been moved and the hole blanked off, He thinks there may be a potential leaks there.
 I take my empty tea mug back to Benny and bump into his buddy... 
Bobby, the main man behind Vintique.
 We had a good chat, in this world seemingly full of public sector workers moaning about their benefits its a pleasure to meet some entrepreneurs. 
And how refreshing not to have to visit an american website to get your essential goodies, get them here and at a good price.

Friday 18 February 2011

I like her naked

 taking her 'tins'to mr flakey up in bromsgove tomorrow
she's not 'flash', stripped.

Thursday 17 February 2011

more kitchen ingredients

 polishing wheels and grinding stuff arrived today
  be careful with that flapper disc you tosser!
 going to paint on sat, so a layout design for mr flakey
it took a while, and it'll have to be wiped anyway
but a photo is worth a hundred words.