Saturday 12 July 2014

hallo world, on the road again and a few miles of smiles

The bitch charging @ 14.5 amps
 A little addition for my co pilot for those short trips
 made a new bracket and utilised an old exhaust bracket
 Two up to Friston, a little event on the village green 

My co- pilot didn't like the way her feet tried to slide off the pegs so a little mod required.
Christine starts on one or two kicks.
So all this time , apart from the ultima electronic iggy piece of shit, the alternator was not giving a full charge and then no charge after it came loose.
I had two weeks notice before the chopper bash of imminent probs, but as she would not start without a new condenser, thought I had sorted it.

Going to trawl through my blog list and delete some hipster trash - as I seem to miss the ones that matter - people like TC that spend a day making a bracket!