Thursday 27 December 2012

Not a day to be repeated in a hurry

 Me, the bitch and two likely lads of Mr Reliable Removals
home sweet home

A slightly stressy day
Mr Reliable were an hour late (due to traffic)
and it rained all day.

Loaded and off by 1.45pm we then got a phone call in the car at 4.00pm  to say the funds had not been transferred by the solicitors bank.
 Loyds TSB that had nationwide problems.

We could not get a regular signal on the mobile in the car.

At 4.45pm we were granted a licence to move in with permission 
of the property owner.

We arrive at 5pm we arrive and so do the agents with Keys, thank fuck.

No Removal Trucks in sight.

The luton van with the bitch on board arrives at 5.30pm
fortunately the guys had picked up another mate on route to help unload.

At 6.00 pm th big truck arrives and we are all unloaded by 8.30pm.

Still pissing down with rain.

Then at 9.00 pm Mrs Arcadian and I walked down to the local pub and had
a few drinks.


Wednesday 19 December 2012

I finally succumbed to the siren call...

Orford, Suffolk
So the bags are packed, the bitch, the dogs and mrs arcadian 
are off tomorrow morning for good.
They tell me there is free wifi in the local so catch you all later.

and remember...
a Shovel is not just for Christmas

Beer is best

Monday 10 December 2012

its my birthday and I'll ride if I want to...

now we've got 89 years between us...
Newlands corner, strangely devoid of choppers - or other bikes

'Fuck I've got no cash on me for a cup of tea!'
I got off Christine, not realising I'd voiced my thoughts out loud

And this chap in the van said 'here you go mate' and gave me two quid.

And then this other bloke came up, asked if he could take a picture of Christine 
and told me how much he liked my bike.

Its not all bad.
I had two cups of tea too.

Sunday 9 December 2012

why does it hurt when I pee...

my rocker screws are always weeping, no matter what I try
 it may be because the brass oil kit flows too much oil
brass and steel fittings can be a problem, I managed to cross thread this one
 and a half hour job turned into two hours...

Friday 7 December 2012

lucky bastard

 larry's 101 incher "green ellie"
 his bad ass bitch 140,000 mile shov
he's owned for 'ellie' for the last sixteen years
now fitted with a triumph front brake that he says now stops 
this lovely hotrod

pics courtesy of Larry 
aka Blind Melon, Lucky Bastard MC
Larry sent me these pics while conversing on the black arts of shoveldom

Sunday 2 December 2012

look out corners of the world, its knees out time...

 New rubber for the bitch - no faux vintage shit...
 spot the seventeen year old front rubber...  yes - seven - teen...
 freshly shod -  this rubbers for going round corners...
 looking gooooooooooood
 a trip to Windsor to check out the tyres, a bit nippy and getting dark 
(check Paul's happy face)...
and somehow we've managed over 3000 miles this year....

The bitch in print...

Wade kindly sent this snap published in the latest 'Sickboyz Mag', Backstreet Heroes (BSH) -haha