Tuesday 29 June 2010

Lazing on a sunny afternoon... part2












Got Best in Show

Monday 28 June 2010

On a Sunny Saturday in Surrey, the ChopNRod Show...

The horror

Skulls are us

The Return

Boneshaker chop

Mega Knuckle, or a Knuck with megaphones

Mines bigger than yours

Evil Art

Nightmare on Chop Street

'Sick' Jockey

Ultima Shovel

CHOP n ROD Best in Show
Wade and Garys 'sick' Shov
We had a good day at the show and met these guys who ended up winning.
Thoroughly deserved, check out the detail. And a loverly shovel

Saturday 26 June 2010

shotguns at noon...

'Do not
forsake me
oh my darlin'
Finally, the pipes are being made. Joe was let down by his local suppliers and I managed to find an outfit in manchester, www.metal-supplies.com. Topman Derrick got the stainless stuff delivered friday when I met Mr FC at NOON in fenland country. A few issues with bits that were done and locations.
Picking her up on Saturday.
Its funny all I wanted was a frame, not even that as I was going to rake or hardtail the shovel.
All my parts ended up there so we could get everything spaced properly and lined up.
It looks like I've got loads of money and I'm having a full on chop build!

Thursday 24 June 2010

choppa doodle do...

Well a chap can doodle can't he?
Blimey its nearly the end of June and I'm waiting for the stainless pipe to be delivered. Build the shotgun 'zorst' and then she can come home to daddy.
Still shedloads to do, but hey, 3 months ago she didn't exist, except in my head.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Faberooni Kev...

He the man
Mr FabKevin does some great stuff, (photos from his site), colonial engineering excellence from across the pond.

sick boy no more...

And curly hair too...
Ren has got the all clear till next year, her sisters call her boy (fetch), and and her hair has come out curly just like she's always wanted.

Black is Black, I want my baby back

My pipes should be made now, but guess what, stainless pipe out of stock
And the gearbox sprocket spacer took two weeks to come.
Fork brace made out of twisted bar fabricated
Coil bracket and remote filter bracket and rear light plate bracket fabricated.
Bye Bye Summer.

Thursday 17 June 2010

badda bing...

Bling Bling
This outrageous hot rod jockey shift.
Started saving the dinero.

Sunday 13 June 2010

New people

Forgot me camera again
Went over to (royal) Windsor today to meet Paul (who won best in show at the NCC Windsor show last Sunday. Had a good chat with him and heard more tales of the build on his Sportster based chop. Frame built by Fenland Choppers. Paul introduced me to his brother in law, Rob who had helped him and lived in the same road. We went and had a look at Robs tasty chopped baby blue Old School Ford with a chevy V8 355 cube lump.

We are going to meet up at the HA London bash at Cobham in a couple of weeks time. Great local event, Ren and I went last year on the Sunday. A lot of wasted people but where else are you going to get full on roots reggae 'LIE DOWN GIRL LET ME PUSH IT UP, PUSH IT UP' with a pint of Wadworths 6X, at 12.30am on a Sunday in the Sun. Hey see you there.

Saturday 12 June 2010

Confidence of youth

Pinned above my drawing board in the studio
I did go too. Wanted to stay but no green card. A silly conviction and the fact that I wanted a proper job in a studio, not bar work.
I drove the getaway car. We'd been to a party and the next morning went for fags with my mate john and parked right outside this shop. He fancied this 'Club International' Mag, we went back to the car and he said 'shall I nick it?'. OK. He ran back in the shop, grabbed it and we drove off at pissing ourselves. Then we got nicked an hour later. Thats the short version. We nearly didnt get to court in northampton, J
ohn came up from Dorset,
we got pissed again, got locked out of the flat, stayed elsewhere and got in
bloody early,
changed into suits and drove up from london. Yes your Honour, Guilty your Honour, three bags full your Honour.

Friday 11 June 2010

Monday 7 June 2010

A Sunday Outing to the Diamond Empire...

National Chopper Club
Took the Mrs with me and we had a great time at this low key event.
At the Queens Head just outside Windsor on the way to Maidenhead, good music with a small stage and a band, barbyQ and some stalls - we got the Tshirts!
A chap turned up on a neat little red sporty chop. Guess who built the frame? MrFC. We had a good chat with Paul, his first build - took eighteen months of hard lessons. So I extracted as much info as poss and got his email to keep in touch. Plus he had a few parts leftover that may take the last of the money that I really don't have and should be sensible and not buy! Anyway he just called me - he won best in show!

Saturday 5 June 2010

Who let that fat bloke sit on my bike?

'In my mind I'm going to california'
55 going on 25
What a comfortable ride position, even with the stretch.
Funny she don't look so big anymore.
I think I got it dead right, what do ya think peoples?

Tuesday 1 June 2010

June and summers here at last...

and fuck all those chunky bobbers

And a new pristine white background for the summer dudes.
On friday I went to fenland, taking my old 'glide style' bars so Joe could have his back.
They were only so we could move the bike, but man they looked so right - so fuck the Z BARS

AND then I sat on my bike.

Not only does it look right but she sits right, even with the stretch.
A lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng bike.

Fuck it I'm going to stick a jockey shift on.
and I'm having a fork brace made out of twisted bar to match the sissy.
Funny how priorities change and some how you can find the extra wedge.
I've gone from a no money to spend 'weld on hard tail' on my old frame to a full on chop.

Still life's getting on the shorter side and you've got to get your priorities right.