Sunday 29 May 2016

a bit of fine tuning on the road

I notice that the CV is leaking from the overflow
took the cv off and cleaned on airline - still leaks
 so figured out that the throttle cable will work on the Super E with a different cable fitting 
 and put it back on
but still will not start hot
 the bike is still running in these pics...
 can get her to start with enricher on when hot but it is ball ache
shame its one kick cold!
and some DIY privacy for our tropical patio garden

Sunday 22 May 2016

a little fine tuning this week

 Still have a leak on the crankshaft seal alternator side so checking 
the breather gear timing
Should open 0ºTDC  and close 65º BTDC +/- 10º
My S&S Breather is set to open 17ºATDC and close 82º BTDC plus or minus 10º
 OOps bolted it all up again so no pic of gear in window

basically the idiot that built my engine had opened up the breather gear window too much
so I advanced my S&S breather gear one tooth so it opens 5ºATDC and closes 130ºBTDC
And seems to have helped but not cured the leak but no breather spray now
 Ready for the road

Sunday 15 May 2016

on the road again, close but no cigar….

 Nearly there
off the lift 
5 kicks and she starts - and let the oil flow out until it turns brown 
 11am Saturday 
and the MOT test 
Pass! and on the road again
But One week to late for the Flanders Chopper Bash Holland

Close but No Cigar

Sunday 8 May 2016

and this second week of May… the suns shining ...

Survivor 70s chop from the states
Tango breather 
at my local bike night
5.6 litre 
meanwhile back in the shack 
I decide that the bars need more than a polish so a few coats of black and then a load of clear 
So another day or two delay
BDL have modified the pulley since the kit I bought five years a go
Alloy cnc pulley with mild steel spline insert. It has to be assembled and three pins pressed in (my press has now paid for itself haha) They also changed the size of the nut! I could not wait to source another socket so...
Sometimes it taking your time pays - hidden by the clutch cable adjuster 
a little heart ache on the road
pipes apart for clean yesterday

Ive missed my deadline so the chopper bash in Holland will have to go ahead without me.

A little catch up...

Its back, along with a letter about packaging - funny I used what they sent the rim to me in. Plus whoever used the grinder on the spoke nipples at Devon rim company must be blind.
 So thats £25 Post. £90 wheel build. £22 New nipples. Never again.
The rim is engraved though.
 New selector forks and shimmed up
I didn't go ahead and use it. Guess who didn't check the drain plug thread.
The bolt holds with chased threads, but it would involve another drive train and alignment issues too and I am running out of time.
skinny and fat 
 wheel and guard and sissy in
Using the old box, now nice and shiny
Hard chromed fork legs - nice job too
 long front end
Wheel in at last