Wednesday 6 May 2015

No fool like an old fool

Of love and hate

The short Version:
It starts and then will not start 

Week 1 Fires up but will not keep running
will not start again.

Change condenser, timing etc.
Fired up again went down the road

Then will not fire at all

After it fired up in the video, went for short ride, mis-fires and return
Will not start again

I later discover a loose pushrod. 
still will not start and take it off

Two weeks later the old fool bought a racing coil from joe Hunt and re-fitted the mag
Fired up 2nd kick, (after 3 kicks I hadn't switched on) does not like choke.
Go for 20 mile ride. She goes like a rocket, what blast.
Next day will not fire up

Something it has now done 3 times- fires up and then will not start again

So the old fool thinks…. hmmm
I'm going to fit the old starter motor
So one week later it fires up 
and stops
And will not start again
looks good don't it