Tuesday 26 July 2016

The Lowdown in Suffolk Sunshine

 Loaded for The Lowdown
New event in Suffolk 
Paul who came down on his Ironhead Chop from Doncaster  
Clive SoLow Chops , Glen Organiser And Garry the photographer
Have another beer George 
Brokeback Cowboys 
having a good time 
lights out - well it is for me - fall into tent time 
Lowdown rods 
Clives Son Jay and Rod owners Rita and Mick
Jay last on the Rideout 

The Lowdown
Nice little Niche event and in Suffolk too!
Good Weather Helps!

Sunday 17 July 2016

the rain in spain may well be on the plain - but here in suffolk NOOOOOOO

 Shelter in Snape Maltings from a very localised rain storm
we got soaked and yet three miles down the road its clear
 Shovelitus - registration plate vibration crack
A Suffolk thing 
Two Tractors parked up… haha

Wednesday 13 July 2016

National Chopper Club Sunday in Suffolk Sun and showers

 Band, Burgers and Beer
Something different 
on irish plates 
sometimes too much is too much
Johnos bike  - 57 pan with Knuckle heads
Johno and the the too much is not enough bike 
Then there were two - Brian from Norfolk  turned up on his 73 iron head 
my three amigos - Clive honcho of Solow Choppers joined us
Two doses of trouble - Clives bike from last year
its called Gas Grass or Ass... 
Haha -we won a prize, went over to start her before the awards just in case! 
and she started one kick - hahaha

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Thank you California

 My friend Larry in California suggested I try these Plugs
NGK 7627 Non resister Copper Core BP5EY
They did the trick all though I had a moment after 50 miles where I had to change them. So re-gapped at 18 thou and have been great since. Still a Bitch to start warm though after a 50 miles.
The current recipe is two pumps iggy off - 3 wide open throttle kick throughs and kick the bitch. 
Does not like the neat petrol it seems but wants it too! 
The NGK and Champion cause my Digital speedo to go haywire!
but the Autolite doesn't. Guess which ones are true non resister plugs.

The Champions were great too but as you can see are longer and cause a ignition advance
I guess they burn the mixture earlier in the chamber.
But less cough from carb and bang and pop on overrun
They had a moment too after the previous sundays 50 mile run and had to change them out.
Since then Ive run The NGKs
 A friend passed last year and found this in her garden
 cleaned it up
 and now on Christine
 On test around Suffolk -Butley
 Snape Church
The Unruly Pig - Bromeswell 
Station hotel Framlingham
Wickham market 
They used to make the best crab sandwiches -The Mill Inn, Aldebrough 
Chop City 
Solow Choppers
The Lowdown - Suffolks Chop and Rod event

Sunday 3 July 2016

les boujis

The obsolete Champion N 14 LY has changed everything for me
I can only think that its because it is 5mm longer and is a hotter plug

Results so far:
Ignition  advanced ( have to retard mag to start, usually can get away with kicking on full advance)

No coughs  on closed or small throttle from Super E carb
(which is usually a pain and only partially solved by going up sizes on intermediate jet)

Very reduced Pop and bang on closed throttle overrun from exhaust

So it seems I get a better burn on the fuel chamber

The only issue I guess with hotter plugs is the engine could overheat

It starts hot one kick
Trying today after 50 miler and  starting at a gas station after fill up 
But so far its like having the old points/coil ignition back on for starting - but a rocket when running - big difference

 they call this Glamping
a cross between camping and glam
 big boy at Eastern Park fFarm here in suffolk
 where the Maverick Festival is held
 Blue Grass - Americana and Beer