Sunday 29 November 2015

Mag Power!.. at last she starts when I want and goes like a raped ape too haha...

 Magneto power...
I didn't stop the bike this time - she did not like to start hot, 
but with fresh plugs, one kick
So a little help from Mr Morris
Single Fire!
And Does the Biz - it really is an improvement
one big spark at one plug
on test  
 at Sizewell Beach
 Project Box Continued - what could possibly go wrong
 a slightly smaller parts pile 
 little rollers in my project box
 Installed (after someone remembered they had forgotten the clutch gear)
Its a little chilly now (fucking cold) and roads covered in shit around here
Just when we seem to have sorted the demon Mag!

Sunday 15 November 2015

Novembers early Tweaks and Bits

 Made a start on my ratchet top box and 
ordered a tool for the mains haft gear bushing
 Ordered and tried a new type of condenser for the mag from Stig @
 A replacement muffler shows the original had blown itself out, the last remnant to leave made the death rattle
 Magneto Power on test around Suffolk
  Picked up some oil from Andy Tiernans Classic bikes
lovely V Twin outside
 Andy has some big machines
 in his workshop
down in price

Sunday 8 November 2015

Magneto Time again

Checked the compression, a little low! 
Checking all options for Magneto Starting
 Checked the earth ground and tried bi-passing the switch
The new carb did not seem to improve starting
just meant I had more issues to deal with getting it dialled in.
Found that the voes outlet needed blocking off and had richen the mixture a lot
Managed to ride 200 miles this week with the Mag fitted
It seems its now down to technique and timing!
Well thats the cold start routine sorted
Goes like a raped Ape!

Monday 2 November 2015

Out with the old and in with the New at Octobers end

 Clives paintwork @ SoLow Choppers 
 my new carb caused a few fit problems 

had to junk the brass rocker feed kit
 Maybe just in time!
Nice Cap and tickover screw arrived for the CV
had to replace the big S&S Inlet Manifold for the original 
and had to shorten the throttle cable outer 
which is a pain to do on an internal throttle and means I can't put the Super E back
show chrome forks are worn - seals are fucked again 
its the end of the season