Thursday 28 June 2012


proper riding glasses at last

with prescription clip-on insert from
fat skeleton
I had an eye test, and contacted
cillary blue
they sent a box for the inserts and prescription 
and returned with new lens

now all I gotta do is get the bike back on the road...

Saturday 23 June 2012

always look on the bright side of life...

rear inlet seal loose
 rear exhaust seal fucked (well it was after removal)
 burnt valve and seat, hardly sealing for compression
so it wasn't the rings, but...
some scoring on piston and barrels, looks like I didn't get all those metal filings out of the new oil tank...

when you're chewing on life's gristle, 
don't grumble give a whistle...

Thursday 21 June 2012

when its windy and raining again...

 early shovel
 essential kit for the shoveleer
early scalextric
 holey twin leading shoe
 early gas pump
 early batmobile
 no, it's the 1929 golden arrow
with a very large mouth

oh dear - part deux

Compression test
Luckily Pete called by, as this take two to do. 
Front good, Rear not good!
Improves when oil added and indicates rings
January reading!
Heads off today, but first going to check pushrod adjustment
then test valves by filling removed heads with petrol
and piston rings by filling cylinders with oil
old school tips from my friend Ray (the man with V8 trike)

Wednesday 20 June 2012

oh dear

That leak is back on the front of the front head fins
but discovered it is travelling all the way from inlet rocker screw
pipes are covered in soot and plugs too
So I took out the air filter and went for a ride to Paul's house.
Where he showed me his fucked back tire. 
Then we noticed WHITE SMOKE coming from my rear pipe.
This is what the plugs looked like after that short trip
Not good.
I've ordered some viton valve seals and special rocker seals from the states.
Heads off tomorrow. Fingers crossed.  

Tuesday 19 June 2012

marmite and girls...

marmite bike?
'marmite' because...
you either...
love it...
or hate it...

Destiny Cycles gorgeous Pan / shovel
built by Vic Jefford

'marmite' credit to wade

Monday 18 June 2012

Show time

We were on the road early, motorway cruising @ a steady sixty five.
The mind starts ticking over as there's fuck-all to do. 
So after looking at the speedo and counting the slow miles, 
you start to listen for odd noises... 
has something vibrated loose... 
is the oil circulating... 
start to think I hate fucking motorways, I want to shift my legs and... 
Fuck it, I'm not going back. 
And when we got there the ticket office were cool. 
Its not like I'm the only person in the world that forgets their tickets is it...
 Knuckle or S&S?
Shovel? - hmmmm
seems it maybe the year of the shov
trumpet engineering
 Larry's engineering
with the new JAP engine
 still in vogue
 split head
fly by wire engineering
the Italian Knuck
 second city customs
big sucker shov

older engine based customs seemed prevalent at the show 
or maybe thats just my tunnel vision... haha  

Sunday 17 June 2012

bewley hooley

 man with perm and mate (with stockers mug) saturday 8am
 beaulieu custom show 10.30am
of course it is
 right on
 rocket bobs shov with new tank and guard
amen to that
 the devil is in the detail
 the man with the plan (lorne the organiser)
 double trouble
 beached boys
 lets go
 beached jivers
 two of the six or seven 'hot rods' at the 'festival'
 listen to the man
'sweet' as our cousins across the water say
 sickboyz pizza crew
 see the hand mate
Wow the tents are still there after the worst of all day hooley winds
 6am sunday - the sun - hooray no more winds
Sunday Home

Phew what a fucking hurricane weekend.
We really thought the tents would just not be there when we came back from the bar.
Paul had the adventure this time.
Almost home and he leaves the motorway (and me) and bang has a flat.
Still could it have been a bit different story at 70 mph.

Be careful on the M3, watched an unlucky VW transporter van dude get busted by an un-marked black range Rover Discovery.

some show pics to come