Sunday 23 March 2014

in which major clanger does some essential work...

Check that Tig bottle! the new one half full and I ended up with a free bottle!
 After a bit of practise! welded a new biltwell seat bracket, not pretty, had to get the grinder out
 the chain still cuts up the mudguard so enlarged the cutouts - again!
 bottom head race worn after only 7000 miles!
 so new races in the freezer, maybe it was a little loose
 patchwork rattle can work on frame for this year
 sissybar broken tab
the new oil tank rubber mount 
had to have the obligatory speed holes
and a new front exhaust tab welded

In search of a reliable spark

 Morris Magneto 74L
 got some tune up parts from Alex @ Grizzlys
new coil and points / condenser, a cap and leads
and to stop me going totally insane starting the bitch, 
I'm sending it off to be checked for output 
and the magnets re-energised

Saturday 15 March 2014

bling time

 hand engraved magneto timing chest for the bitch
 New bushes pressed in and reamed by Baz
Be careful with the pinion shaft bush if you buy a timing chest cover. This was fitted with an early type (pre 72 side oiler) and later model pinion shafts are end oilers (no side oil hole in bush required).

Monday 10 March 2014

a seat hinge for her 'maj'

 practice makes perfect… 
 not pretty
 her best side

If you only new how much gas I got through
and still had to get the grinder out...

Saturday 1 March 2014

the bitch is back...

 Joe repaired the frame neck
lovely job
and rubber mounted the oil tank 
new rubber mount bracket 
neck repair 
and added a third fixing to the tank