Friday 28 February 2014

Nicks place...

early rider

A trip to Cambridge on Saturday

Friday 21 February 2014

technical tips and tricks in paradise...

Still got a leak after fitting a new crank sprocket shaft seal 
some six months ago
A tip from chopper god Baz
remove sprocket shaft spacer and find a suitable sized rubber O-ring
fit the rubber O-ring over the sprocket shaft and flush up against 
the little beveled recess on the bearing
fit sprocket shaft spacer and using a special harley tool, 
in this case a plastic tube from a sink drain kit fitting 
 tap a new sprocket shaft seal into place over the spacer 

watch this space...

Wednesday 19 February 2014

a little dust and polish...

The Bitch is having some TLC
The frame is finally being repaired after having temporary gussets welded so we could stay on the road and the oil tank is going to be rubber mounted and a few other little things fixed on rebuild.
I really should name the bike 'Three Times' as if you have been with me on this little journey you will remember every little job that has been done at least twice…

and as you know you either ride or polish...

Its been some time... Its not the last post...
I guess a working title for that would be
'This is the the End' my friends…
or 'Last Post', HaHa

Hallo hallo, ha,ha,

Another riding season for the bitch
Wonder whether she'll behave...