Wednesday 30 November 2011

more throttle...

or... what she said part two
ha ha hahaha hahahahaha

What she said...

Who told that fat bloke with the dodgy barnet he could try to start the bitch?

Tuesday 29 November 2011


fats where it at, goose neck

Sunday 27 November 2011

remain calm and patient while attempting to start a motorcycle.......

the guys on really helped with good real time advice
I found the pushrods were adjusted too tight and to use less carb on starting with an E
started yesterday three times 1st kick using no pump or choke, well the third time came a lot later as it wouldn't start again hot.
 As Rowan is my witness...
 I excitedly called him while she was running... 
'Go on mate, start her again' - and she wouldn't.
'Haha they don't like an audience mate'. True
 Running very rich, Plugs black and sooty, the front on one half of the insulator only.
So get the S&S manual out and... if your idle mixture screw out less than 1&1/4 turns (YES) then the intermediate jet needs changing. HMMMM
then I find this little bit about aftermarket airfilters covering up the bowl vent hole...HMMMM
So I thought I'd have a look and...
 you fucking tosser, its covered up!
the passage equalises bowl pressure and atmospheric pressure
engine may run erratically!

Monday 21 November 2011

some guys have all the fun...

Just a little update. The ultima ignition I installed on my Shovel must be set at Zero dead revs after all. I pulled my S&S Super e off and cleaned it really good, it had been sitting for months while I waited on a new transmission and the ultima ignition, and after I adjusted it back to factory specs my shovel fires up on the 1st or second kick cold and 1st kick hot. Every time. Very impressed with the Ultima unit as well when it comes to the idle. With points it would fire up easily but the idle tended to be a little erratic. Sometimes it would idle really well and others it would idle fine for a little bit and then abruptly cough and die. Normally just an annoyance on a bike with electric start but a major pain in the ass on a kick only shovel like mine. Loving it now.
pinched from chopcult forum


Sunday 20 November 2011

losing the will to live part 2...

this week a nice young man in a suit gave me his card...
 Paul came round again and kindly spent Monday morning with me trying to load on to his PC running Vista. Called Dynatek UK, evidently they run it on windows XP! Sent email to Dyna USA, they sent detailed instructions to disable the user access control (security) in vista. Thanks but why can't you put that in the bloody instructions, the internet is full of people having problems loading this software.
Ray (of CJ Smith Electricals shop, Chertsey!) managed to load his mini laptop (running windows XP) with my dynatek software by changing some code as 1. It would not load due to screen size and 2. It wouldn't recognise the driver to run the usb connection.
Finally managed to load down to the ignition unit . 
The first attempt didn't work. Evidently loading the software disables the switches on the ignition unit and the ignition should be turned on so I spent another half  hour kicking the bitch over. 
And I reload the programming again.

Finally I wheel Christine outside and try again. 
Pump the throttle, kick through a with ignition off.
Ignition on and she fires first kick - I cannot believe it. 
Check the return pipe, wheres the fucking oil? 
And moments later there she blows so switch off.

Fuck, Ive got the shakes, 'Ren get the fucking camera'!

Reconnect the pipe to the oil tank and mop up the spillage and start again
Kick through off and kick on and bam she fires again, 
blatt blatt blatt - fuck weve done it !

Well as you can see the vid didn't work... 
and she wouldn't start again...

Sunday 13 November 2011

another fucking learning curve...

Oh dear, look, someone has fitted the drive shaft seal - wrongly
 Took the pump apart to re seat the check ball and the rebuild kit came with seals, lock ring and gaskets etc, so I replaced the drive shaft seal - that I found had been fitted incorrectly... the lip should face out - grrrrrrrr
I like to have a full manicure before assembling the oil pump
The lovely Ren risked her fresh painted nails to help while I pushed on the lock ring. A screwdiver inserted in the lock ring groove stopped the shaft being pushed in - making it virtually impossible to get that stupid fucking lockring on.

And yes, next time I will take the timing chest cover off. The risk of not pushing the drive shaft in to the chest and losing the breather woodruff key while putting the pump body on... is a fucking miracle.

Friday 11 November 2011

friday fuckers, haha...

 yep, got one...
 kin right on!...
what a gel...

Thursday 10 November 2011

back in the day tech tips and tricks...

easyriders stylee
oil pump check ball welded to tig rod
I did try gently turning a drill against the seat as suggested by Rowan
but decided to give this a go with some grinding paste
(took 4 attempts to get the rod square(ish) on the ball, not 'easy')

Don't ask about the ignition saga.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

is it a bird?... is it a plane?... no, - its the 1" metalflake paint chip I found in my oil pump 
when I took the cover off to take the body off 
to recut the check ball seat to stop the wet sumping...

Friday 4 November 2011

drip... drip... drip...

Dynatek programming kit
The money I planned spending on a seat has been taken by this fucker.
and the coup de grace?
It has to run on a PC, and guess what I have.
So my mate Paul is going to come and lend me yet another of his possessions.
For future setting changes, there is a virtual pc software for the mac on the bay...
Various ignition curve settings are possible, 35˚BTDC is standard for the shovel engine, though S&S recommend 32˚...