Sunday 30 January 2011

Sunday Swingtime

 turning japanese part deux
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Its gonna be a Swinging Year
or is it...

Due to a bit of work ( 3 jobs!) still that's three more than almost zero the previous four months, a little welding practice (one step forward (see previous post), three steps back) that seems to have depleted my gas by 3/4, progress has been Nil Fucking Points! (pronounced pois as in peas haha).
So no fucking posts except the swinger collection, of which more later dudes.
Its Feb 1st on Tuesday - Fuck

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Swinger time?

 It could be a swinger,  its a bit (f)rigid, haha
not sure about the front end though...
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Its gonna be a Swinging Year
or is it...

Monday 24 January 2011

tweak tweak

Pauls sporty 2010 debut
Its 2011 and the spaghetti junction gotta go
that's better, neat breathers from lowbrow
 dual fuel petcocks replace the inline one - allowing a reserve fuel option
choke relocated to the head steady
 hardass by caufield
and some brass bling
Although Paul's first build, may not ring some hipster bells, 
he built it his garage, even down to the rattle can metalflake.
We met at a NCC Berks show where Paul won first prize.

Sunday 23 January 2011

fish (scales) on friday

 fish scales
penetration (ish)

Some people have fish on fridays, I had fish scales.
A bit of practice with the last bits of metal I had and Yeeehaaa!
No tig practice at the weekend as it affects the neighbours TV's - HaHa

Roland had kindly given me some settings as I was burning holes and not a happy bunny.
So a few emails later this is what we had:
1/16th steel 
50 amp
1.6 Tungsten
6 L/min Gas
A bit different from the text books and millers calculator
Roland reckons thats for Pros.
Can't thank you enough my friend and a certain chap in spain
The final test will be the brackets on the bike that are 1/8th Steel
But some practice first, if you have any settings / advice for this please comment or mail me

Thursday 20 January 2011

the tig saga continues

  Rob White of R-Tech Welding replaced my regulator and included a flow meter as well - free gratis. The parts arrived the next day day. That's service.
And now the kitchen workshop (sic) is on their blog haha.
Deliveries have come thick and fast in 'paradise', 
 this Covell DVD arrived full of tips on the black art today

The clocks ticking... and January is nearly over.

Swinger time

 Someones pride and joy, nice paint too
courtesy of: ftwgermanyblog/buzzkiller

Its gonna be a Swinging Year
or is it...

Saturday 15 January 2011


and thrice NO!

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Wholy holy

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Thursday 13 January 2011

gimme a break...

Now its the regulator!
 The dial face is bent so the needle doesn't travel. I wondered why I couldn't adjust the pressure before - I thought it was just me,  shame it could have been replaced when the tig went back.
So fuck it, I couldn't face sending it back, took the clear plastic front off, bent the face down and also in by taking the back off which seemed hinged but was tacked on so that had to be araldited back on.
It worked. Not that it made much difference to my first attempt !

If at first you don't succeed...

A connector (like those ribbon connectors in your computer) that snap in but had'nt and had come loose.
Good service from R-tech, pick up and turnround three days.

So fuck it, no holiday again last year but Rowan tells me you can get a nice tan using this.

January Swinger part deux

Jeff Wrights bike of Church of Choppers 
double mag hot rod !

Its gonna be a Swinging Year

or is it...

well its last years bike, no rear guard but it does have seat!

Wednesday 12 January 2011

January Swinger

Warrens bike from Cro Customs blog
nice zorst!

Its gonna be a Swinging Year

or is it...

hang on... that bikes got no seat!
hmmm, no chain either...

Monday 10 January 2011

to cut or not to cut...

 I like my old flanders bars
 but after seeing seeing Steve / Stockers nice cut and shunt job
on his old bars and the lovely new set Roland has created,
I have an itch, will it go away?

Kitchen Workshop...

 fridge magnets
don't let clutter take over
 knife sharpener and polisher
a useful addition to the kitchen workshop

Wholy Holy Monday

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Friday 7 January 2011

its fucked

what? the fucking tig why?I don't fucking know How?the fuck do I know
When I (nervously) pressed the trigger for the first time there was a phuutt noise and a gas noise but no werr- clickking elec noise and molten metal happening. So I check connections and settings and manual troubleshoot and try again and again. So Ren says 'why don't you phone somebody and stop shouting at it'.
So I did.
And its going back.

Had to wait till Tues for the blacksmith chap to open up to get some scrap metal. Outside workshop was freezings and windy and then it pissed down and hasn't stopped . So its inside kitchen workshop, move the sofa and strategically place coverings over the (faux) limestone floor, a piece of galvanised sheet  the 'blacky' gave me on the scrapped workmate and its sorted. See, what you can do with a bit of ingenuity, voila a workshop (no underfloor heating tho Steve, haha). I'll have a bench knocked up in no time ...well mainly because there are a few marks on the kitchen worktop that shouldn't be there.

So its taken a quite while to get the machine then the gas then the metal then the workplace and then press the button and... fucking nothing.

Monday 3 January 2011

I've been up all night party time wastin...

Not bike stuff. 6 music were doing a feature on 'Roxy' at breakfast when I turned around and Johnnie had nicked my chair - to this tune. The lad did a vanishing trick this morning on his walk, naughty boy.
My local blacksmith has not opened again! So my hopes of getting some scrap metal to tig weld fucked again. I thought last week I could practice and he's still not open! He better be there tomorrow or the garden gate gets it! haha

Sunday 2 January 2011

another shitty year in paradise

Shock, Horror The paradise shovel winner is a cardboard cutout, so Max's 'Coast to Coast' (runner) gets it and all future entrants will have to fire up their bikes! haha
2010 the good: 
after extended prevarication (15 years haha) I had a frame and lots of other parts made by joe ( cos this is not a catalogue bike) and my shovel can now hold her head high again
and started this blog to force me to finish her this time and for other reasons see my profile 

my lovely Ren got her hair back,  jet black and curly (all she's ever wanted)

got to know some cyber friends on the blogosphere and I hope very much to meet you on the road this year. 
and people like Paul who I met at an NCC show and subsequently we have regular chats in his garage and lent me his drill and look what happened haha
the bad: A year of very little work and so some very black days and Rens thyroid packed in 

the ugly: my bloody operation haha, if you've had one you'll know, if not you're lucky

 2011? the shov and I have an adventure...

Saturday 1 January 2011

the shitty shovel awards? haha

Shitty Paradise 2010 Winner
turning japanese
Consistently mentioned in nearly all votes this swinger deserved 
a shitty day in paradise
Builder and Owner Unknown 
Anyone got info?

Highly deserving a day in Paradise 
Max Schaaff's Coast to Coast genny shovel 
Got my vote and Pete's and Guy's
fuck this lets ride

thank fuck thats over...

...hate it .
why is it since 'Y2K' you have to buy a ticket to get in a pub thats full of sad strangers looking to be entertained

Happy New Year

Hope to see you on the road this year
thanks to everyone thats taken an interest in having a shitty day with me 
this year