Tuesday 30 August 2011

I. Don't. Believe. It...

 the period feature
works at fucking last

Why? Prayers to the chopper gods?
Paul made a surprise visit just as I'm about to take the caliper apart and put together my old one and try that.
We gave it just one more try and back filled it, and bingo, a little pressure, it seems you need the master cylinder cover on. 
However it wouldn't back fill before till I'd replaced the master cylinder internals and thats why I thought it had a non return valve.
So loads of pumping later and its acceptable.

Of course the brake light don't work -Haha

Monday 29 August 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow

somebody may be saved from this...
Reworked battery cover and incorporating neat little horn 
- that doesn't work
Running light tales
Swapped bulbs -no, took my connections apart -no, ran bypass wires and it still wouldn't light fucking up. So had a look at the little connector under the bulb and it was black, the other light had a shiny brass one, so got the sandpaper out and bling bloody bling.
Hi-Low head lights
Instead of re-soldering the switch wires (duh) I had the original idea of swapping the wires in the light shells!
and finally vital signs!
don't look right though, took it apart again to check the rotor and checked timing marks and re-checked top dead centre, front piston on compression
couldn't get the light to come on till I moved the plate backwards. 

Oh and finally my new phone from ebay arrived - eventually
...except it ain't what I ordered!

Sunday 28 August 2011

the lights are on but is anybody home? ...

Christine wakes from her slumber

lo beam is highbeam
highbeam is lowbeam
her new horn makes a clicking noise
one running light works
and no brake light (maybe cos there is no fluid)

Roland D Lebay (haha)

Wednesday 24 August 2011

no reserve

make hipsters swoon
and girls week at the knees
for sale here:

they got the look...

stripped tail shaker
rising sun swinger

 from bb and photo69 blogs

Monday 22 August 2011

the time has come the walrus said...

Well dear readers its come to this, I'm fed up with it, and no doubt you're fed up with it. I've joined the ranks of the sneered upon - those that blog and don't ride.
Just as tired as you are of posting yet another reason as to why the fucking bike isn't on the road.
This week replaced the 'new' master cylinder internals with a rebuild kit and the caliper with a new piston and seal - and. it. still. won't. fucking. work! Must have two weeks of my time plus every part known to man and I am now a fucking expert on Dot 5.1 versus Dot 5, brake bleeding kits and non return valves.
The Battery arrived today, smaller than originally required as there is now no electric start, a good job too as it doesn't obscure the bloody lettering on the mudguard because that was placed lower than I specified!
The wirings almost done but that'll be a problem too, I can honestly say that every job has been redone at least three times and usually due to my own ineptitude.

Saturday 20 August 2011

true love...

amen to that brother
ain't that the truth

hats off to the lowbros...

todd and kyle
bust some (and their own) records at bonneville
its not what you do, its how you do
bloody good show chaps
pic from lowbrow

Sunday 14 August 2011

heavy heavy monster sound

Low down dirty rat
Soap box racers
Cometh the moment cometh the man 
You looking at me?
It certainly was

Saturday 13 August 2011

belt dilemmas in paradise...

 worried that it ran too close to my rotor...
thats OK says Dan @BDL, and I have discovered that my new rotor is one of these heavy duty alternatives and +7MM thicker than standard!

 and why is the pulley 1 3/4" wide (its a 1 1/2 belt)
thats standard says Dan @BDL for this kit (for a closed drive)
- at the hayride, I couldn't find anything similar
 one outer mounting hole moulding ground off as it was fucking close
anyway its going to be buttoned up
BDL say to use red loctite on the splines/shafts and nuts
(see their crappy dvd) 
there's now no room for the tab lock washer on the clutch
Any advice on this anyone?
-not get on with it fucker- haha

sometimes less is more...

 similar but not...
a delicate touch is required...

they rock my boat

Wednesday 10 August 2011

from the edge of the outback...

 Grant sent these pics of his 1970 FLH 
in Northern Victoria, Australia
'a long bloody way from anywhere'
Grant went back to a shovel after graduating to Evos in the late 1980s, then Twin Cams and back again... 

'The newer Harleys just lost their soul... and I have fond memories of my shovel days from 1981 (Wideglide) onwards... so I reverted... and am loving it.'

'I was going to do all sorts of things to her, but have decided to leave her alone. I am even going to leave the paint that has grown on me with time...'

Like those mag wheels mate - Cheers, thanks for getting in touch! 

Sunday 7 August 2011

shovelicious hayride

WWnWW? bike featuring a mag one side, a coil the other and twin plug heads - true...
 Chubbs little S&S beauty, freshly 'nefarioused'
 Paul's lovely cone head- all his own hand fabbed work
 Lyn's welsh gem with a soft rear end
 Velvet tongued Dick 'hotpants' Tree's rear end featured a car tyre...
Tomo had a novel luggage rack on his - a plank of wood and 4 cable ties...
Maynard giving some essential love to his shov...

Saturday 6 August 2011

Brits in drag...

fixing a breather catch tank, a drag strip requisite 
 ready eddie...
go leight...
'fast eddie' took the flag by a knats cock...
'hipster leights' bike has high bars, 
there's a moral to the tale there...

Thursday 4 August 2011

In which I discover patience is...

...worn very thin in the kitchen workshop
Rebuild the front mastercylinder and caliper this week and connect them up... Five olives later and I'm taking the hose and the one leaky fitting back to Venhill in Dorking where they will probably demonstrate what a dick I've been...
and did you know that there is a big difference between dot 5 and dot 5.1 brake fluid... its not just a later version... one can fuck your paint... guess which I used...
and the rear banana caliper will not bleed... I discover that the big syringe ordered will only back fill to the new mastercylinder as it appears to have a non return valve...
and to think that this time last week I was packing me tent for the Hayride...

Wednesday 3 August 2011

hayride sleeper

 Mark's multi-functional bike, usually accompanied by Ed his dog
low comp drag race spec. bottom end from paul @ zodiac, mark says

Tuesday 2 August 2011

flying dutchman

 Eriks drag bike...
 suicide clutch, handshift...  
came third to petes magnificent second in the Hayride drags... 
told me its a standard 1200 shovel...

 oh, and Erik has one hand...

Monday 1 August 2011

from dusk till dawn...

what a fucking great party 
won 'GKM' best bike 
and what a bike 
the rear brake hub took one week to machine and fab
 devil in the detail
two local experts - haha
there's always a spoiler, 
some dickhead nicked Guys poster

thanks to anna and andy p, 
it really a great party 'from dusk till fucking dawn'

more shitty pics to come...