Sunday 26 July 2015

July's ups and downs...

 a little bling for the sissy
our local bike night and a rod
err, mate i know you don't need a tax disc any more but don't you need a number plate? and by the way your tyre is bald... 
so later find the mudguard has a stress crack on the middle mount 
the new avon classic tyre is bigger than the avon cobra 
by 32mm Diameter! 
a bit of dodgy welding 
and back together again with another set of tyres that fit 
and two sets of number plates…
the first line is correct, the second is the reg off my sporty purchased in 1977…

Sunday 12 July 2015

There and back again - Low Level Heaven

 7am piss off the neighbours - one kick !
 150 miles secondstop
100m to go and meet some other party people 
Check In @ LLH with West and Leighton
My estimated travel plans if all went well - and i missed the rain!
James' and Lukes' bikes from Kingston Middx.  
a lot of people arrived very wet 
tall story time 
drying out in the local 
tim at the Bar 
My room with a view 
Second kick start and on the way home 

A very wet weekend, I put a plastic bag over my air cleaner, others didn't and had a bit of a time starting when some went on Sat. The Bitch purred along there we went the scenic route 350 miles in 8 hours and thrashed it back on the sunday via motorway short route all the way in 7 and we stayed Dry!