Friday 31 December 2010

Wholy Holy



Thursday 30 December 2010

shake your moneymaker

My mate Johnny's first gig as the 'boogie men' on monday, 
look out for them in the Canterbury area!

1,933 visitors to shitty day in paradise 
and 5 have voted for the 
paradise shovel of the year! 
the phone lines (haha) are closing tomorrow 
and I have the casting vote
so... shake your moneymaker... 

Monday 27 December 2010

'you got a bottle of what? for christmas'...

I was having a chat with one of the locals my local.
Not somewhere I've frequented for quite a while.
Partly due to a feeling of nothing in common and I'd put the 'fitting in' golf clubs away.

Ever felt like 'a stranger in a strange land'?
Could have been the puff  I guess haha

"So you you bought a tig welder and kit for £390 quid... and then had to get an argon gas bottle for £100 or so quid... and all to weld up 2 brackets?... that you'd had someone weld in position for you but you decided cut up? 
and you tell me you can't weld?...

Wednesday 22 December 2010

paradise shovel of the year?

I've chosen the shovels every week
from the blogosphere 

Some are of unknown origin and are not necessarily new builds, 
but are new to paradise. 
No mooneyes stuff this time as I could put a whole gallery of pics together for a 
'shitty moonys award' haha

So for a bit of holiday fun, vote a shovel for 
a shitty day in paradise 2010 
and if you fancy leave a comment why!

1 Nice Lady
2 Matts
3 CoC
4 Mr Schaaf
5 Freddie
6 Nicks
7 Rufino
8  Seths
9 Vice
10 Cro
11 turning japanese 
12 Joes
12 Toddy

Oi, you, no votes for your own bikes! haha

Saturday 18 December 2010

sometimes when I'm lost for words...

a handy reference 
courtesy of buzzkiller

shovel of the week

Chubs bike  
built by toddy@chopperdrome

S&S engine, clean, purposeful, no frills 

pic courtesy of: chopperdrome
thanks toddy, nice bike

snowings in paradise

four inches of the white stuff

Monday 13 December 2010

keith remembers it all..

 A surprise present
 in the seventies he could walk on water as far as I was concerned, 
One Cool Dude

Inside cover - music for the soul

I'm recovering from the weekend Keith, 
how did you do it.  

Saturday 11 December 2010

not ramens or tacos...

something has to be done about the ever expanding workshop...
 and my neighbour chucked this, he just could not see the potential 
- a fucking welding table man!
....and at the bottom of my clutch and primary bits box
 ...I found somethings don't change
 ...along with this absolutely mint fucked period trans sprocket, 
 I think this was the one that I took off after I got the her ...and not the result of riding her into the ground in the last recession?
 as my daily commute to soho
 now that's better...  or is it?...  damn...

Friday 10 December 2010


Sporty Paul and our attack dogs

Paul (born in 1954) kindly pointed out to me that I am not fifty five today !
But that I am definitely fifty six. 

Wednesday 8 December 2010

comes earlier every year

 what the fucks all this then...
a birthday/christmas/we cant afford it/ but lifes too short package... 
and thanks to Mr Sprunghubs for his advice

Tuesday 7 December 2010

turning japanese...

...for the mean streets of yokohama?

...NO but NO but NO but

Mind you after seeing some terrific bikes at the show
I am gonna start subscribing to japanese bike mags

Monday 6 December 2010

Kitchen Workshop Essentials...

In Billy Lane's book, How to build a chopper bobber custom thingy (its title's something like that) this is one of the first item(s) you should purchase for your workshop.
A Kempton bargain, a late addition maybe but essential. I've been using some hand files that belonged to the old man, that I will put into retirement
...till these break.

Sunday 5 December 2010

kold kempton...

roller plus 2 yam vtwin engines & bits for... a... grand...

sure thats enough offset?  ...haha

oh beam me up scotty

 ooohh, girders and in original conditon too
...well you know what I mean


 still, if it presses your button, its a historical bargain

 bouncy frame canabalized for parts back in the day, No V5

didnt ask the price, but all there ...and ...rather ...loverly,

... and low mileage too!

and just for you period correct guys ...renovation heaven

Kempton Park, Surrey, in Blighty

Friday 3 December 2010

shovel of the week

Joes (pan)shovel, a Max Schaaf creation from last year but new to me.
checkout those turned pipes and fork legs
and nice stance!

Thursday 2 December 2010

too much charlie...

the white stuff in arcadia
workshop closed
careful, sometimes too much is enough