Saturday 31 March 2012

the suns out, its friday, fuck it, lets go for a ride...

 Pete stopped some fat bloke starting my my bike
 for Gods sake make your mind up
 all right I'll follow you
nice pic of a road, a car and me in the distance

Monday 26 March 2012

what a rush...

an early evening ride, on the back roads, sun kissed fields, horses grazing, the scent of cut grass... 
and in all four fucking gears !
Put the gearbox back over the weekend, and after some thought today removed the points ignition as she took some kicking to start last time and we got a bigger fatter spark with the electronic.
She didn't want to start - hardly suprising as the battery earth wasn't hooked up!
Tried without choke as it was pretty warm, and she kept coughing through the carb. Needed enrichener and a fast idle setting to start. 
Started Ok second time - and off we went...

Sunday 25 March 2012

forty nine per cent motherfucker

 wednesday - much to my amazement the drive sprocket came off
 and the studs back in with loctite
 Saturday my order finally arrived
 oohh look - bent mainshaft shifter fork
 new Andrews countershaft shifter fork sitting on the old one 
the corner of which I had filed down
 little bit of grooving on the mainshaft fork too
 Back together again - this time with a shifter shaft lock ring!
 the bent fork
forty nine percent motherfucker 

Wednesday 21 March 2012

green time machine

 my mate Pete's chop from back in the day
 gothic coffin graphics
 view from the cockpit and a popular car of the time
and on the road with his mate Grant Mathew's '45

where are they now?

Tuesday 20 March 2012

advice is priceless...

 stick the gearbox studs in a vice with aluminium jaws
give them some heat and VOILA
Realized that I'd cut these studs  size so the dome heads would not bottom out so:
Decided to give it a go myself, found and cut some ally and bought a new gas bottle.
Flushed with success I called Alex at Grizzlys who had suggested the method and luckily able to cancel the studs ordered and got some S&S stainless manifold clamps instead.

And a big thanks to Rowan for his kind offer to sort this for me.

Monday 19 March 2012

catalogue of errors

 selector is stuck between gears giving me false neutral and one down is not first but third gear!
odd because it was set in neutral and so was the box when assembled
 thats how the box looked in 'neutral' - not!
 and some plank (me) used loctite 270 on the gearbox stud nuts and consequently they all came undone instead of the nuts!
 and if that happens, what's left of the oil comes out through the threaded holes!
no lock ring on the shifter shaft - so that could move laterally
so I've  have ordered two (andrews) selector forks, locktabs and a lock ring plus 4 bloody studs 
because the coarse thread means I dont have any way of getting them undone without knackering the threads as no nuts I have fit to lock them and tuesday is grizzlys parts order day.

Sunday 18 March 2012

bitch percenter

for those of you with a kicker - haha
She's let me down so many times, but I still come back for more.
This time I'm not so sure. 
Its very close to Beakys Boot Sale (Swap meet) on April 1st 
and then theres the Tea Party
the way she's behaving I can't see us being at either.

Saturday 17 March 2012

Seventeen year old in action again

Got tired of this new 'will she- won't she' start saga 
I called Alex @ Grizzlys for a price on a new coil. 
A new single fire coil will cost £150 quid - and that is not an option.
He suggested testing the Ultima coil by using a hair drier to see if it breaks down when hot and compressed air in reverse.

 My seventeen year old Accel 'super' coil for points ignition
My problem seems not quite so black and white as sometimes it will not start cold, and if she does, by the time I've packed and got her onto the road, 
will not start again.
Decide to temporary remove the ultima ignition and fitted the blue streak points and my coil - A - fucking - gain!
The shots a little fuzzy as she was running at the time!

Bitches Diary
14th March 
Will not start, add petrol to plugs as before and will not start, coughs through carb with throttle open

15th Charge battery, hot wire, starts 2nd kick. warm up. Stop and leave 5mins and starts first kick. Take to road to test, fires but will not start.

16th Friday. Think its the coil. Refit points ignition and coil. Takes a few kicks and starts with throttle open. Warm up. Stop and starts again hot. Road test, starts after a few kicks, throttle open. Starts first kick at gas station, ride 10 miles. 
But now have no 4th gear!

Thursday 15 March 2012

Pretty Rubbish

 Cheap shit kicker shaft about to snap on me
Replace with old faithful footrest till I can afford better

11th March Sunday -Breakfast hotrod meet.
Will not start! fires occasionally
took off carb 4 times changed jets, plugs

Change everything back to how it was last week, when it ran, - no start.
Dip plugs in petrol. kick ignition off, kick on and engine starts.
Runs well. warm it up till ticks over without enrichener.
Switch off and take to road test. Will not start. Even with petrol added to plugs again. 

Sunday 11 March 2012

back together again baby...

Looking for a reason why the selector jammed
Just as I am about to put the selector cover back together I notice the mainshaft selector fork is proud of the shifter finger that the shifter cam sits on by 3mm
So was that the cause? 
The selector cam is not able to sit on the shift fingers properly?
(incorporatinglots of new to me techno manual speak)
After a bit of "should I take the gearbox out' or 'try to take off the extra metal in-situ' - shall I, shan't I, argument with myself
 Its done (in situ with a bloody small hand file, gaffa tape, some cloths and a vacuum cleaner. Phew. 
Which just leaves the question - WHY was it like that?
These new pawls jammed and are not as well shaped as the originals (which were not that bad) and I really had had enough by then, so they got removed. I guess the label says it all.
And finally, some bling for her ladyship
a Kustom Tech Adjustable Enrichener 
At first she would not start with the enrichener on and now will not start without it. Bitch. Standing there with some clothes pegs, which work when full on but aren't adjustable, haha, is a bit of a bore.

Friday 9 March 2012

'her loudness' is too vocal ...the noisy bitch

The Kromeworks HP+ baffles supposedly give better performance but the sound is just deeper. Decided to try two baffles, adding the original cheese graters (which are one baffle cut in two) will hopefully tone down the attention grabbing noise and more important a little easier on my ears on the road. 

The baffles were covered in black soot when removed.
She's doing about seven miles to the litre, while we run in the engine, a light hand on the throttle to forty mph, thats about about 32 miles to the gallon so I think its time to revisit the Super E jetting.
Currently running an intermediate 28 and main 70.
I have now gone back to the 26.5 and a 68.

Everything I do on her seems to go in circles and is done not once but twice and sometimes thrice.
She would not start with the Super E enrichener and now will not start without. Ha.
And so an adjustable enrichener has been ordered.

Saturday 3 March 2012

all is not lost, or... best not panic...

 could be the gears - but they go round and the oil has 
no metal fragments in it (I sieved it)
it could be the selector in the cover as it seems stuck 
its not the throwout bearing 
(which is called a pushrod assembly in the manual) 
as its all there on the end of the pushrod
the shifter cam doesn't return, but can't see why unless its taken apart
 stupid design ('to remove cover drill hole and pry loose')
 has to be the bloody pawls jamming somehow
the selector cam has a little wear but seems ok
 the formidable parts diagram
so those evil pawls (plus spring) are going to be replaced
and the last person in there didn't do both locktabs on 
the plunger block either

Thank fuck it wasn't the gearbox (sorry tranny)
Parts in One week 

Thursday 1 March 2012

she devil...

and on the One hundred and twenty eighth mile...
gearbox stuck in third or 4th gear, made it home clutch squealing.
 postscript to my rear head misfire
a not so unusual problem 

So dear reader, I have been given 'Blind Pew's Black Spot' it seems...

I think its time for you to move on and enjoy yourselves.