Saturday 29 October 2011

Of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax...

  things you think you really shouldn't have to do...
 the belt creeps inward and touches the inner primary, so I relieved the bits that could touch
 on a belt drive designed to work in a closed primary
 Navel Gazing 
waiting on the ignition software from dynatek uk, 
who it tuns out are dynojet that have just emailed to inform me 
its here and will go royal mail monday 
and I relieved the rear guard some more but probably not enough 
for that tough fucking chain to chew

Thursday 27 October 2011

eat miles...

Harley Davidson 2005 FLSTFi Fatboy

88B 1450cc Injection 
S&S 510 Cams
Timken Bearings
S&S Oil Pump and Cam Gear Kit
Doherty Mystfree Engine Breathers
SE Heavy Air Breather 
SE II Slip on Exhausts
Progressive fork springs and competition fork oil
fully mapped ignition
upgraded idler injector
immobilizer, alarm and DNA coded
LED Flush fit caps and a whole pile of the usual extras
To include original tank, seat, passenger backrest, exhaust, airfilter, factory service and parts manuals

Contact Rowan


Wednesday 26 October 2011

everything comes to he who waits

 sigh... it'll be a shame to retire my 'vintage' ignition cover - haha
fabulous job george!
made from two pieces of brass, press fit, as the big one had a hole in it!

just needs two mounting holes - 

bugger, I've given the bloody drill press back to Paul!

Sunday 23 October 2011

whats happening brother...

when will it end...
So my friend buy one of these (or a dyna) and run a kicker, you will have to buy the programme kit  as well. It is preset at the factory for 3 dead revs before firing, to help the electric starter fire your engine without kick back.
 ...So thats why you are fucking your knee Malcom!
Also my friend the kit advertised is not the one you want to purchase.
 Dynatek USA kindly sent me these details
"Thank you for your interest in Dynatek ignitions. Yes, we do private label to
Ultima. These have an Ultima label on the module and as I recall have a custom
curve package as well. You should contact them for the details on this. For
re-programming the DIPK-7 and PH-1 should work just fine. If we can be of any
further assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime."

 Well thanks, any reason why you can't just put a fucking switch on the front panel? 
(by the way I couldn't find an ultima kit so it had to be dyna in UK!)
 Shock Horror! the drill has been returned
but not before some more essential holes in those shitty controls! 
Back in the day this poster hung on my garage wall
If I had taken the time to hook it out, all essential info that I wanted was there
'Leak Proof' Seals
Don't go through my shitty saga with seals - fit these - they fit easy and work!
My right fork leg leaked through the bottom allen bolt hole.
Rowan gave me this tip:–
'heat up the copper washer (anneals it) works every time' - and it did too!

Sunday 16 October 2011

well, uncle dave was right...

I googled the question: 
and got this Shovelhead US forum
and it seems I'm not the only one with this problem!
this little bit of info is left out of the ultima version of 
the dyna 2000 ignition Instructions.
The factory setting is 3 dead cranks.
so anyone got the software kit? 
or do I have to throw another £100 at this

'uncle dave' sent me an email when I nearly 'set the bloody bike on fire' (fire in the hole video) and mentioned the dead revs and software, I looked into it then but didn't come across this essential piece of info. 
In other words it won't start by kicking it unless you are trying to set your fucking bike on fire!

sunshine, old bits and bikes...

 vintage forks, not so vintage price
 not vintage pair £750
 james roller
lovely renovated hubs
and a charming chair
later, two old blokes and one awkward old bitch
did you turn the fuel on?...
...are the plugs wet? it sparking? 
fuck, look at all that oil coming out of the breather!...

Saturday 15 October 2011

for the S&S virgin, size does matter...

 my new larger S&S with the old inlet manifold
 3/8" bolt holes and 1/4" larger inlet - no contest
 you fucking beauty
now.  do.  your.  stuff.

Friday 14 October 2011

god bless america...

S&S intake manifold bought on the bay 
from Maciej in North Riverside Ilinois and cleaned up a treat.
Brass Manifold Clamps from Mike @ Old Stf Cycle  
who sells old and new stuff for shovels!
Both arrived in seven days - thanks guys 
Back in the day I was offered the choice of chrome or brass clamps,
 no contest in 1990 - gimme chrome man! 

Thursday 13 October 2011

in which I am slowly losing the will to live...

New 'Vesrah' seals arrived (the big ones) to replace the new seals fitted last week that were loose on the tubes and replaced the leaky new seal fitted when I rebuilt the forks...
They were impossible to fit even after leaving in the freezer and warming up the legs. Hmmmmm - so in exasperation I ordered these 'Leakproof' seals from Motohaus. They just popped in with finger pressure. Watch this space... if you're not asleep already...

Monday 10 October 2011

turned out nice after all...

Indian summer day in Brightona
 'who' are you...
 I wanna be different...
some fifty seven year olds blood pressure...
wades new 'sickboy' custom,
fitted with an ultima engine...
mrs arcadian and her long legged niece...
 that Knuck again
 its still in fashion
 69' Thunderbird vintage chop
 insurance sir?...

 refreshingly a shovel
 amongst a sea of evos
 impresarios of the vertical board riding...
 eagerly waiting the sound and the fury...
 I had no idea...
 how fucking outrageously...
 up close and personal it is...
'sweet' buggy...
 thats clive's bike...
 with a trick hand shifter
 the mayan's are here! -haha
CJ Smith Emporium of Chertsey arrive
oh fuck it mate, do the other side...
 mirror mirror...
 is this the fabled beast?
 a lovely magnum?
and a hidden gem