Tuesday 29 September 2015

tales of a strip, two fingers and lust

the ratchet top 4 speed for my next project in bits 
dust cap from Tom 
1954 pan 
would suit my birth date 
not my birthdate but cool 
a whole lot of knee soreness ahead

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Sunday in Ride and Lunch with Andy, Spike, Steve, Stan, Bean, Dan, nick and lads

Meet at Krazyhorse
er.. Christine 
Von Bean 
Crazy Frank, er…Andy 
who's having the roast
we all are 
ready chaps
go Stan

Thursday 17 September 2015

once the rain had stopped on saturday, a trip to SoLow choppers

cute little hot rod yam with special crank built by fenland chops, here for some motor fettling
oh dear, Clives son Jay has had a few probs, they found a blown head gasket caused by damaged oil drain in the head
Clives new ride with ten overs 
super cafe ally 

as usual made welcome at the shop, the back roads were clear on the way back, no more god knows what over my face!

Wednesday 9 September 2015

TripOut 4 and some of the coldest nights but spent with the warmest people

Stockers, featuring Leighton, Toddy & West 
My good Friend Stan 
kept us all amused and medicated 
Baz and Johno
The lovely Sue and Captain Spike 
Some of our happy campers 
Nick at work 
Toddy with his new customer build 
devil in the detail 
in situ 
Toddys new personal build 
has stocker detail 
hand lettered 
Baz's Knuckle 

Toddys Stocker paint Job 
She ran strong and started on one kick after the show  

Thursday 3 September 2015

When something small can cause a bigger problem...

So after replacing the kicker gear I checked my timing and the light stayed on
These New 1000 mile Blue Streak Points 
have somehow detached there bottom contact so are open all the time 
and caused the advanced timing that caused the kickback that caused the kicker cog to break and crack the kicker cover.

Hope the Crank Pulley Holds as we are off to the TRIP OUT tomorrow

Tuesday 1 September 2015

August Tale End Tales

 up on the lift again seems constant every week now
to find source of noise - refit a new kicker gear and find out why the timing is advanced and nearly had my leg off.
The crank seal leaks still its not from the little screws holding the regulator wires
I took it off put on a smaller o'ring 9 although its not leaking down the grooved teeth of the crank and this time pushed it on flush up to the bearing. Somehow I don't think that will work.
I found the pulley was loose causing the noise - but the nut wasn't!
 My fault. The washer I used previously which was thicker than the one originally supplied was not going over the shoulder on the crank. (the inner diameter is 7-10 thou smaller). Somehow I didn't notice and that little o'ring I put behind the crank seal was too big. and pushed everything forward. I was going to replace it but the spare replacement seal didn't arrive till Saturday and I had already got other problems to deal with!
So I now have to get a new pulley - £100 - OUCH

And finally - 
 I fitted a a new IRIS Xring chain two weeks ago - the previous one lasted 13000 miles! I should have taken it off at earlier at 10000 (heh heh) as thats when it started to need adjusting after every outing although not loose on sprocket.