Saturday 31 December 2011

Good Times, Bad Times,

you know I had my share
(thats me, back row, 2nd in, with the white hat)

I don't care what the neighbors say, 
I'm gonna love you each and every day.

To everyone whom I met in this shitty year
and to those that kindly left a message on this
sad little tale of one step forward and two steps back,

my best wishes to you for a better one in 2012
and... in those immortal words... 
'fuck this... lets ride'...

Friday 30 December 2011

jam bar from back in the day

getting the crank nut undone can be a bitch bros
I got this idea from
as I didn't have a compressor to run my impact driver
the jam bar is made of metal (or aluminium if you run a belt and are paranoid)
about 8-1/2" long (7-5/8" for 5 speeds) by 1-1/2" wide and a 1/4" thick
Chamfer the ends to fit and jam in 4 and 10 o'clock position (opposite to tighten)
As you can see I used a bit of wood and it worked!
Oh and heat the nut, if locktite has been used or its tight. 

Tuesday 27 December 2011

diary of a bitch

Started and ran for 6/7 secs with andrews flowmaster carb fitted and died
Try to re-start and big bang and flames through carb
Pushrod adjustment wrong, check ignition timing
No start and carb floods or pump is not working

Buy Super E
Will not start, get software to alter ultima ignition to 0 dead revs so I can kickstart
Dyna Factory setting is 3 (unit made by dyna)
(however as you cannot see what was installed originally, it could have been set to 0)

Cannot get to start.
Adjust pushrods (too tight) 
Try with no choke and no pump of throttle
Starts fist time
Starts second time one kick
Will not start hot
Black soot plugs, black pipes
Float bowl air passage blocked by airfilter and back plate, drill hole.

Reduce jets to .70 definitly better the plug tips only black
Then reduce intermediate to .28 as manual suggests (if mixture less than 1&1/4 turn)
Pump adjusted to 1 turn
Still running rich but plug tips only black, exhaust black
Fit smaller jets .26 intermediate and .68 main
Runs like a dog under acceleration
Change up to .28, better but will not pull under acceleration
Will not start easy cold (will not start with enrichener)
Will not start easy hot, fires but will not pick up and dies

Sat 17th
(Linden @ Grizzlys says to use .31 inter, turn off pump and to check coil output as spark may be breaking down when hot)
Installed .295 intermediate,
tried different start method 3 - 6 pumps no enrichener (as suggested)
took 3 then 3 pumps from cold to start
started hot one kick throttle closed
adjusted mixture (but screw is 1 turn out)
then would not start hot, repeatedly fired a few times but  would not pick up - (only got to fire as this after pumping throttle)
checked coil with tester its ok @ 12.85 v when running.

Wed 21st
Changed manifold clamps and rubbers (no difference)
Fitted .28 and .70 jets
Would not start cold till pump was turned up
started hot with tickover turned up , mixture 1 &1/4 turn out
started one kick in street, didnt pull well , no acceleration.
Would not start again, fired  but would not catch.

Thurs 22nd
Fit .29 jet, Try- kick through off kick on throttle closed - no fire - pump a few times and eventually fires. Adjust mixture (larger jet allows more leeway on tickover screw) 
stop her and start hot 5 kicks (turned up tickover)
In street tap kicker to compression and it does it all by itself and starts - weird.
Go up and down the road and then another 500 yards and about to turn round and it dies. kick 5 times and return, on the way dies and push back.
Check petrol pipe take off carb and plenty of flow out of pipe.
So electric prob when hot or valves sticking or cam timing? Lights were on.

Friday 23rd
Checked relays and connections, stop light not working unless lights on (some tosser connected up to light circuit)

Saturday 24th
Decide to run bike till warm to find fault
Took a while to start cold, will start hot if pump used.
Discovered the top rubber petrol pipe from petcock to inline filter kinks on bend when warm - shutting off petrol supply, which unkinked when I disconnected it from the carb to test supply. The 3/8th oil pipe was fitted because of the petcock outlet fitting is 3/8th. Replaced with 5/16th rubber pipe for 'fuel'.
Decided engine is not running rich, but needs the throttle pumped to start hot (or cold)


Sunday 25 December 2011

and on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me...

What tosser fitted this 3/8th oil pipe to the petcock
She cut out on me on the road two days ago and I thought , haha this is why she won't start hot! So pull the fuel pipe at carb and plenty of gas! Hmmmm, so its electrics... yes I remember I had the lights on at the time. Check the wiring, the brake light dont work when lights off, ha this is it. But no I had wired it up to lights not the ignition. 
So yesterday when Pete came round and we are fucking trying starts and get her warmed up a few times. I notice this. When she gets hot the top fuel pipe bends and kinks in two and cuts off the fuel supply. A Voila!
I had used a piece of 3/8th oil pipe from the new petcock because it had this huge outlet fitting so this 'Made for fuel' 5/16th supply pipe was fitted.
 Pete gave me this tip - use silicon sealant (mine was for windows) on your zorst gasket - it worked too!
Peter has lived a round the corner from me for years and we have never met until he heard about my bike. Pete has a '79 1200 shov stroked to 1340 and has experienced shovel trouble too...
Christine fired up all by herself - whoa... spooky...
Having got her to fire up from cold, switched off and I pushed her into the street.
I was just tapping the kicker for compression and... she fired... and the kicker went down all on its own while I stood and looked in amazement... scary stuff...

and finally I really thought that this bitch of a carb was gonna go on the bay of fools in the new year
 cos I just could not tune it by the book using a variety of smaller jets and my leg is hurting.
We are now back to using .29 /.70 jets and I may have finally found a start routine for hot and cold that is not by the book. I now realise she is not running rich now it was all the start up probs. And she will not start with the enrichener. A good few pumps cold and a pump hot, the tickover turned up and she will catch and fire up. 

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Monday 19 December 2011

boing boing

 Decided that this seat pan I had been given by Joe will do till I find some spare cash and decide what she really wants

Friday 16 December 2011

chitty chitty bang bang...

why use one, when two will do...
chitty chitty bang bang...

 or should that be, shitty shitty bang bang... 

reasons to be cheerful, part 4

brass exhaust rings from pete @ eat the rich 
george turned them out a bit so they'd fit...
so I chopped the slash cuts off of christine's drags and slipped on her new blingy rings...
and noticed a bit of a leak -  both pipe flanges needed a drop of weld
and the exhaust studs were loose... .  

Thursday 15 December 2011

Wednesday 14 December 2011

georgie boy...

turned this up for me on his lathe
he's no boy (nearly eighty years)
and finally fitted today when I sourced some screws from 
stig fasteners who stock the correct size in various head types
I finally found out the thread size is 8.32 UNC 
(by googling!)

The carb saga is getting boring
fitted .28 Intermediate again and .68 Main
Hard to start still
Will not start cold with enrichener
Will not start hot easily, fires but does not catch and run.

This is not why I dumped my points and my old carb.
I will have to try with my old carb if I can get that not to flood etc.

Monday 12 December 2011



Saturday 10 December 2011

reasons to be cheerful, part three...

 In the post today an ironic card from my brother,  made me laugh...
and a really top mag arrived too, also some smaller jets for the bitch...
that made christine run like a dog ( my fault)...

but realizing that I am one year younger than I thought... 
- fifty fucking seven and not 58 was I guess a bonus...

Thursday 8 December 2011

and fifteen years later...

an old fat bloke and
 his shovel
 go for a ride again...

Wednesday 7 December 2011

reasons to be cheerful part 2...

 Strapped a bottle on so I could take the bike up the road while she was running cos there would have been a bloody oil slick - and finally Christine stopped gobbing up pints of oil...
 How dare you wear those daggy tracksuit trousers...
 Not sure if the new seat suits her, maybe a different colour...
Christine barely runs if you grab some throttle, the accelerator pumps adjusted down, and jets replaced down to .028 Intermediate and .70 Main. The plugs not covered in black soot now but she will not start cold with the enrichener on and when hot fires but will not catch and keep running. 

Fuck it - Ive just ordered some smaller jets from Alex @ Grizzlys
who had some in stock. 

Lowbrow have started slapping on a flatbox USPS charge of $30 on what would have gone normal post, which fucks buying a set when it hits our customs.

from a planet far far away...

oooh look - there's a clanger...

and there's Major Clangers flying machine...

oh dear

Monday 5 December 2011

boogie wonderland

I did a little poster and blog site for my mate Johnny and his band
check them out
rockin good blues!
Johnny sent me a suprise gift, I'd mentioned dropping the pipe that he gave as a wedding present (purchased at the Kent Custom Show I think) back in the day. Love ya.

Saturday 3 December 2011

reasons to be cheerful... part one

I left the return feed off (fixed the oil cooler and was double checking) 
and forgot... till the oil ran down on to the belt drive and the was spun along the patio and up the wall of the house...
Drilled a hole in the 'well made' mooneyes airfilter back plate 
and the air filter! As they cover the float bowl breather passage...
 Installed my old inline fuel filter which leaked and then stopped (leaking)...
It was getting dark when she finally started and I wondered where the sparks were coming from - the battery had moved sideways all on its own, till the cover just touched the live connector...
and finally the oil on the floor wasn't coming down from the beltdrive oil fiasco. No it was coming from the between the base of the cylinders! 
I checked the base nuts, and some were just finger tight... 
Never had that happen before. Fuck I've not been down the road on the bitch yet! 

Wednesday 30 November 2011

more throttle...

or... what she said part two
ha ha hahaha hahahahaha

What she said...

Who told that fat bloke with the dodgy barnet he could try to start the bitch?

Tuesday 29 November 2011


fats where it at, goose neck

Sunday 27 November 2011

remain calm and patient while attempting to start a motorcycle.......

the guys on really helped with good real time advice
I found the pushrods were adjusted too tight and to use less carb on starting with an E
started yesterday three times 1st kick using no pump or choke, well the third time came a lot later as it wouldn't start again hot.
 As Rowan is my witness...
 I excitedly called him while she was running... 
'Go on mate, start her again' - and she wouldn't.
'Haha they don't like an audience mate'. True
 Running very rich, Plugs black and sooty, the front on one half of the insulator only.
So get the S&S manual out and... if your idle mixture screw out less than 1&1/4 turns (YES) then the intermediate jet needs changing. HMMMM
then I find this little bit about aftermarket airfilters covering up the bowl vent hole...HMMMM
So I thought I'd have a look and...
 you fucking tosser, its covered up!
the passage equalises bowl pressure and atmospheric pressure
engine may run erratically!

Monday 21 November 2011

some guys have all the fun...

Just a little update. The ultima ignition I installed on my Shovel must be set at Zero dead revs after all. I pulled my S&S Super e off and cleaned it really good, it had been sitting for months while I waited on a new transmission and the ultima ignition, and after I adjusted it back to factory specs my shovel fires up on the 1st or second kick cold and 1st kick hot. Every time. Very impressed with the Ultima unit as well when it comes to the idle. With points it would fire up easily but the idle tended to be a little erratic. Sometimes it would idle really well and others it would idle fine for a little bit and then abruptly cough and die. Normally just an annoyance on a bike with electric start but a major pain in the ass on a kick only shovel like mine. Loving it now.
pinched from chopcult forum


Sunday 20 November 2011

losing the will to live part 2...

this week a nice young man in a suit gave me his card...
 Paul came round again and kindly spent Monday morning with me trying to load on to his PC running Vista. Called Dynatek UK, evidently they run it on windows XP! Sent email to Dyna USA, they sent detailed instructions to disable the user access control (security) in vista. Thanks but why can't you put that in the bloody instructions, the internet is full of people having problems loading this software.
Ray (of CJ Smith Electricals shop, Chertsey!) managed to load his mini laptop (running windows XP) with my dynatek software by changing some code as 1. It would not load due to screen size and 2. It wouldn't recognise the driver to run the usb connection.
Finally managed to load down to the ignition unit . 
The first attempt didn't work. Evidently loading the software disables the switches on the ignition unit and the ignition should be turned on so I spent another half  hour kicking the bitch over. 
And I reload the programming again.

Finally I wheel Christine outside and try again. 
Pump the throttle, kick through a with ignition off.
Ignition on and she fires first kick - I cannot believe it. 
Check the return pipe, wheres the fucking oil? 
And moments later there she blows so switch off.

Fuck, Ive got the shakes, 'Ren get the fucking camera'!

Reconnect the pipe to the oil tank and mop up the spillage and start again
Kick through off and kick on and bam she fires again, 
blatt blatt blatt - fuck weve done it !

Well as you can see the vid didn't work... 
and she wouldn't start again...