Monday 30 August 2010

what is a chopper...

What is a chopper?
I know in my mind, what I think a chopper is.
A few magazines and blogs I like, pretty much say you have to have a rigid frame, to have a chopper. Or a sissy bar that reaches the axle. Or a kicker. etc etc
What do you think?
What is a chopper?
Who decides?
Who gives a fuck?
Why do these people always have to make rules about what is, and what isn't?
Who are they?
Who made them the bottom line?
You chop shit off.
So the Question is...
How much shit do you chop off? To make it a chopper?
And if you're building a bike/chopper, do you add a bunch of shit then chop it off?
Because if you don't then what you have is a custom bike, not a chopper.
Because a chopper has to be chopped.
Again, if you love your bike, then who really gives a fuck?
Its like that other question that those stupid magazines and blogs love : who's a real biker?
I think that the Bikers of yore didn't really give a fuck about either of these questions and just made their bikes the way they wanted too, and rode them the way they wanted too. Without worrying too much if someone thought they were real bikers or not, or what the style of their bike was called, as long as they showed class.
Which brings me to another question: What ever happened to CLASS?
'cause I don't know much, but I do know that huffing and puffing and telling everyone what makes a real biker or what you have to do to be a real biker or what you have to ride to be a real biker is showing no class at all.
shut the fuck up and ride.

Welcome Mr Buzz killer and well said! (post courtesy of

Sunday 29 August 2010

Fuck August

And its raining again
Come on Be POSITIVE man,
First day back from 6 week recuperation and I get to clean my nice 2 bed rental property - that the tenant has as usual fucked a few items up, this time everything gets charged for on the inventory, no more mister nice guy 'oh thats fair ware and tear' bollocks.
On the positive side - I get PAID to clean my own property

Unusual luck, I get asked to clean carpets in a 4 bed house required on wed afternoon. The tenant is still moving out when I arrive! So fuck it get the vacuum out and get stuck in on all their debris. I finish and load up at eight pm in the pissing rain. Fuck I used to be a designer, what am I doing!
On the positive side - I got paid extra

Nothing ever goes right does it, the rental boiler overheated and shut down twice this year and BGas tell me the pipes are furred up and a section needs cutting out and then powerflushed, £800 quid please, 'no its not covered by your insurance'.
No thanks I'll do it myself, bit rusty - its been 2 years since I fitted the bathroom, but think I've got everything turned off, - fuck no I havent!  Thank god it was just a plastic push-in connector.
On the positive side - no flood, and no payment to BGas

The bills keep rolling in this month, Two property insurances, business insurance, car tax, no work, tenant moves out so no rental income and finally my accountant kindly billed me!
On the positve side - my agent found a New Tenant and they move in next week

Before all this shit I managed to get my wife a surprise birthday present for her big five O 50th.

Thought I'd be able to pay on the last of my credit card, oh no sorry cash only!!!

All this building my dream set off my wifes earlier passion of horse riding.
So the surprise pressie was a hack on Epsom downs.
Ren (on the left!) did well, her first ride in 25 years!

And my mate Johnny suprised Ren with his slide guitar and belted out the blues!

So no bike shit this month, 
Fuck August,
Recession, what recession!

Wednesday 18 August 2010

The Sound and the Glory...

'This was somewhere on the Wisconsin Iowa Border. Warren's new Knuck gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it.... and it fucking rips' 
Courtesy of Kemosabe and the LodgePosted by Kid Kurpius

This video encapsulates it all. I had to post this, I'm there on that shovel!

Fuck things are going from bad to worse, every shitty bill in my world has come in and a tenant has moved out so no rent to feed the dog either. And... I havent been able to work.
My bike has to go on hold. Fuck

Monday 16 August 2010

and today ...nothing

I like to look at my bike, my bike looks at me

Took some bits back to joe that needed tweaking on Friday, he got his own back, this time he wouldn't stop talking to me , until after 4 hours I fled , ears bleeding.

Matt Barnes' loverly goose necked Sporty bobber
(and paddling pool)
(taken from matts 'flywheel' page)
I got Matt to go to Phil Piper's Leicester charity bash on Sunday
Matt won best in show!
A Fenland frame.

Sunday 15 August 2010

There's a chopper the kitchen...

I saw a pic of Rowans workshop on his blog and thought I'd post this again.
There's some amazing builds going on in the smallest of sheds and inappropriate places!

And a big hi five to Mr Quaff.

Wednesday 11 August 2010

saddo badge...

You get this for freezing your nuts off in Wales

I found the badge with some other bike shit that somehow has followed me through countless moves.
See my 'Dragon Slayers' post in May. 
Hey I bet the 69' badge is a collectors item Freddy!

And HEY, a big hallo to John from texas and Termajii in 'la belle' france.

Fuck its a good job I didnt order the BDL belt drive and clutch package
Its for non electric start! NOT clear in the catalogue.
Thankgod I checked BDL Site
Why they do that is a pisser. 
Well I guess just to fuck people like me up who would like to save money.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Nooooooo... its so bad, its baaaaad...

courtesy of filler and seb @ Los Bastardos

And is it me or are there a lot of bikes out there that ...
No its toooo baaaad for that slot

And its yellow, Rowan
he must have fallen off in the next shot
blessed are the righteous.

Monday 9 August 2010

When dinosaurs rocked the earth...

cool not cool?

I think cool .

Start the week with a little light relief...

courtesy of fat freddy and the cats at vinmariani

Saturday 7 August 2010

picture this...

I'm keeping the inner primary but its going to have a few fucking holes in it.
Hotrod stylie.
I believe I've mentioned the object of desire a 1&1/2"BDL belt drive and clutch.
I think it should look pretty neat and different. 

And is it me or are there a lot of bikes out there that ... 
(I've just edited this rant! feel free to finish the comment... and a big hallo to japan!)
Its probably just me getting all antsy sitting here in my bloody dressing gown cos I can't do fucking nothing!

I love my bike.
I love my wife.

Friday 6 August 2010

can you kick it...

them were different times... back in the day man

Thursday 5 August 2010

No wonder it hurt...

I see you baby

Met the surgeon, today. 
I reminded him, his last words to me were 'don't worry it'll be a piece of piss'
Evidently he had to use 4" patch on the hole in my gut. 
Hope I haven't torn any internal stitches, as he bollocked me for overdoing it, .
I do not want to go through this again.
The good news is, no more sit ups!

Tuesday 3 August 2010

groundhog (tues)day

Back in the day Jammer had Dave Mann Cover Art
And it was a 'Handbook' not a catalogue 
full of tips and tricks for the bros!

Monday 2 August 2010

deadline shmedline...

Deadlines are Scary stuff
That's seven weeks. I can't lift anything for 3 weeks. Overdid it last week and taught me a big lesson. 
No work so no cash except the last bit on the card.
And I dont want to fuck it or details on the bike for the sake of a date.  
On the road will mean an mot as well, plus tax and insurance. Which is a lot for just for a couple of rides.
Well if I miss the deadline, she'll be rollin in October?
Otherwise nothing will happen this year. I could kid myself that it will be sensible not to go for the deadline, but the clock of life is ticking maan.
I've just re read this post, sounds doubtful doesn't it. Lets see.

Sunday 1 August 2010

Christmas comes earlier every year

Funny the things that you keep. 
And now I live in Chertsey.