Sunday 8 January 2012

Failure to prepare…

Prepare to fail. 

 9.15 am. I should have known, she would not start, 
ran like a dog and we're nearly late.

Put Christine on the jack before the test and checked the frame headstock play amongst other things.
But I didn't hold the axle to do it, takes two, then there's a lot more leverage on long forks. The guys at Black Dog 'we wouldn't do this if it was a bloody scooter' in Staines, had a go at adjusting it out but there wasn't enough - so a spacer washer under the bottom bearing is required (hopefully). 

And I also foolishly tightened the drive chain as it was catching the rear guard - but not that bloody tight, it must have a tight spot. However I loosened it before coming back and it was tight as fuck again when we got home. 

It seemed a good idea to get the test done and find out about MOT requisites...
 But if I was honest of course I wanted her to pass first time.

Kev who runs 'Black Dog' and rides HD reckons the ignition is retarded.
And I think he's right as it hasn't been set 'dynamically' on a timing gun, according to Dynatek that should not be necessary... 

By the way all you lot out there with those little number plates - 
check the size (65mm) of the 'legal' mot plate they made for me.

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