Monday 23 January 2012

doc, the past isn't the future...

the bluestreak

Right thats fucking it, take the bloody electronic shit off. 
Put the low tech shit on and replace the coil.
Fuck about setting the gap, make sure its the same on both cam lobes, set TDC, then get that little bulb to just light on full advance. 

Kick - b-bum bum , kick, b-bum bum bum - five kicks she catches and runs.
ticks over ok but will not rev.and stalls.
Get her started again, load of smoke out of the rear exhaust.

The rear pot is not firing properly and the coil got very warm.
So it seems the problem is magnified when its not single fire ignition. 

Plugs have been changed so is it the rear plug lead?
To swap the leads I have to move the coil tomorrow and put on an old set of leads that will then fit.

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