Saturday 14 January 2012

get in there!

My non adjustable but loose head bearing mot failure
I rang Joe @ Fenland who addressed my paranoid concerns as to whether there is a machined shoulder for the head race(s) to sit on, the one you can see is so 'one' can get a fucking drift in.
The manual shows no spacer washer in original fittings diagram
I fitted a 2.5mm washer at the bottom of the fork stem above the dust cover, but when assembled the top bearing sat proud of the stem. 
Back together again
So I put it on top of the upper bearing where I found Joe had already installed a machined spacer that had a small shoulder to it, allowing it to centre on the bearing and used now to align my spacer washer.  
And so finally... a Pass
Another very cold early morning and she would not start again.
I had advanced the ignition a smidgeon and she seemed to accelerate a bit better.
Need to put a timing light on her.
Kevin and Tim retested the bitch @ Blackdog and gave a pass!
The tight chain, was the result of the rear axle moving, luckily diagnosed by 'moi' yesterday and adjusted and tightened to 70ftlbs - bastard. (or is it bitch?)

Insured her with ebike on a classic policy, with all the 'modifications' listed, fully comp, 0 no-claims allowance and with breakdown for £140.00 and in bloody record time, on-line!

Kevin reckons that if the ignition plate is positioned extremely to the left, as mine is, its not right and to look at the cam timing. This seems to fit with my probs and is the only bloody thing I haven't checked yet!

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