Sunday 8 July 2012

drip drip drip...

Viton valve seals
will solve some of my issues
rocker shaft seal kit
should sought the front rocker leak and shims if req'd 
rear pushrods show wear at top
seems its not so unusual with these thicker alloy rods
so the tubes are having a little relieving done to them 

its taken nearly five days to get the burnt on oil deposits off the heads and valves by soaking in a oven de-carboniser and rubbing with plastic scourers.
to discover that both exhaust valves have wear and need replacing.
the rear looks like someone had taken a file to it.
and guess what, Rowe have stopped making guides and valves so there's is a shortage.
and again a more expensive set had to be ordered.

I could go off this shit. 

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