Tuesday 9 November 2010

tie down the battleship chains...

Paul came over and suggested that I get a chain, which would determine the rear wheel position and therefore the bloody rear mudguard! 
So in the end I used a calculator off RB Racing site for the proper chain length. Proper speed products for bonneville, they do great exhausts for us normal people and you can work out your rake and trail too. 
After fucking about, diligently searching the net I ordered this loverly Iris X Ring Chain for £65, a good price and decided that I could do without the chain rivet breaker at £30 
A little metal removal on the guard required as now only 1/8" Space to chain
Its big and heavy and looks the bollocks.
The same 1/8" space on the box, but may be ok as no flexing here?
The chain was ordered 2 links over size (108) (they had me fooled cos the box says 112 links and when fitted there were only two links over, so I thought the calculator was wrong - until I counted the links) and thats how many I'm going 
to remove. 
Thats when I discovered that my old chain remover is not up to it and the rivet head has to be ground off for removal and the joining link rivets heads have to be rounded over. So I phone up and order the proper chain installation tool for another £30!


seb said...

chain time ( and that is a very smart chain)...must be gettin' warm...looks killa mate

arcadian said...

Its just a very expensive way of not having to adjust the rear wheel mate, keeping that nice mudguard to wheel profile! Im fed up of fucking with that guard!

Steven Truss MIIMS said...

Looking good buddy.... them bloody chains are a pain!! mine was to long, then to short, finally got it right after lots of fucking about.