Monday, 11 October 2010

too much is enough - sometimes...

My  original 'L' Shaped Starter Bracket 
 Now a 'Holy Bracket' with ergonomic curve

I had a premonition, when I was drilling and shaping this bracket...
of riding along a road and hearing first a little popping noise 
...then a cracking sound 
followed by screaching and sparks 
and the bike collapsing with me sitting on a wheel holding onto the fucking handlebars - only! HaHaHa
like that pic of Rowan's when he was waiting for his frame!

.... Another fine mess Stanley
or one hole too many...

1 comment:

Rowan said...

ha ha ha... or like Malcolm off of Ogri when he drilled everything on his bike

i seem to have spent most of my adult life waiting on bloody parts