Sunday, 10 October 2010

Brightona - on a bright sunny sunday in...

 Interesting, not everyone rides a chopper in Brighton
 thats true
 No crazy bikers?
It looks like a biker sunset
Ren, the dogs and bikers
sorry did johnny pee on your sandwich? 
 Where the fuck are we again?
 pig dog
 their words not mine
 cant get enough head(s)
 trumpet in the 'custom tent'
 oh yes
 oh no
 token chops
take off that muddy
 crazy people
bottoms up
 best in show - outside the tent on the pavement
timemachine, wrong time wrong place

1 comment:

Flamesey said...

I haven't been to Brightona for a few years now. Maybe we ought to have a Flywheel trip and stick all our bikes in the custom tent Arcadian. Something to think about for next year maybe?