Monday, 4 October 2010

A disease or a compunction...

 I have this irresistible urge to drill holes in brackets and stuff 
If it stays still long enough.

That bloody caliper has caught it too, its gonna have some 'flash', and needs to lose weight. And a rebuild kit ordered for the c@%t, having scraped some pennies together cos someone eventually paid their rent.
Wait a minute, No, just been informed it missed the order deadline, so delivery next week! I could have got it from someone with it in stock, but usually they've got one item - but not the other. And then theres two lots of postage... What's the hurry anyway. Famous last words.

An Abingdon Purchase - should come in handy for those tricky little bits above that will not stay where they're told!
So with the ageing, overweight, out of condition banana on the back, (hey I should talk!) got to put a decent stopper on the front. On evilbay a ducati 926 brembo caliper is looking good but how to mount?

And its raining again...

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