Saturday, 16 October 2010


Done £50 so far on rebuild parts plus 2 drills @ £12 inc postage
I had to replace the mount pin and this kit required drilling the hole .625 to .635 inch max.
Well in my world that dont seem much so a 16mm drill = .630 inch  and its cheaper being metric!
I order that, offer it up to the new bushes I replaced and think thaats big and doesn't fit,
actually 5/8" is .625" and there's a 1mm difference.
So fuck it, I ordered the imperial.
Because I have no workshop stuff, all the drilling was done by smoke and mirrors, and I've juuuust got away with it.
Cos its running upside down i've drilled drainage holes and there may be more lightening stuff to do cos this is one heavy 'mo fo'.

Engraving next - Love, Hate!
Fuck, got to get the caliper piston out yet, to fit new seals.

Still, one day next year, may be, a guy'll say - 
'Hey maaan, thats a bitchin 'period' caliper'

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