Monday, 11 October 2010

No Sissy Bars in evo land

Some high end custom bikes / choppers, no sissy bars.
Shaw HD had a stand with the AMD winning custom bike, no sissy bar,
 and here and there some hotrods and trikes, 
two rock bands and stages either end of Madeira drive, lots of venders and it was free (just give to the heart charity) and along with 
fantastic weather (we could be in the sarf of france ses Ren) 
made it a great day. 
 Nice Sporty but with fat rear end, look no sissy bar

What is it with evo riders and un baffled standard exhaust that sound really crap!

Didnt see a single shovel ridden there 
and no Sissy Bars!
(except the trumpet in the tent)

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