Sunday, 3 October 2010

rainy abingdon

White van man, a couple of evo engines and football!

£0000s Cant remember for def but Ren thinks the sporty 6K? and  the blue evo 4K!

 Ren had a chat about my chopper with some fella! and met Ed the dog

 Smokin - it has got internals then!

Johnno picnic with his mates inna da hood! He got there at 6am, whoa!

Whoops forgot there was a Leedog sighted (takin a pic for your blog lee?)


steve / stockers said...

Wasn't the best weather was it.... even worse if you were looking for triumph parts!! lol.

roland said...

even in the rain , you're lucky , nothing like that here......

arcadian said...

youve got enough old bits roland!