Thursday, 21 October 2010

grinderman 2

Gasp, no its not the new Nick Cave masterpiece! 
Its part 2 of the tortuous rear mudguard - and now sissy saga.

  After some deliberation (beer is good) I cut a new side profile on the guard using the rear tyre as a guide. The eye is drawn to the curve of the tyre and so if the edge of the guard follows it then it looks right.
And as the mantra was repeated to me as a the studio junior
- if it looks right it is right.

The nuts welded onto the underneath of the guard for fixings were cut off and ground flat 
and the muddy support on the sissy cut off as its now too high 

and because I want the muddy to sit lower using the pre drilled mounting holes! 
buttonhead bolts now fix from underside of the rear guard through 6mm spacers to the support bracket pushing the muddy down to towards the tyre.
A new tighter profile and the tyre doesn't scrape the mudguard fasteners as before when fully adjusted.
Still gotta weld the sissy support bracket - that'll be fun
TIG machine req'd and new skill to learn.

New Profile 

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