Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Having a financial wobble of the lec start kind..

I could save weight, small battery, no starter drive, solenoid etc, and no inner primary

The belt drive would cost a lot less !

I could join the real men 'its a kick only dude' 

'A button makes your bike an appliance. A kickstarter makes it part of you.'
Weight: My bike is over 100 lbs lighter than stock,, most of this weight reduction is due to the elimination of electric start components.
Remember though, you have to want to change. For many it will do no good.
Thrift: A motorcycle battery for an electric start bike costs a minimum of eighty pounds, After one year they replace them. This practice prevents embarrassing phone calls at odd hours to immediately jeering, kickstarting relations. 
Safety: People who ride kick only bikes get in the habit of doing pre-kick inspections. Much like aircraft pilots they walk around and visually inspect the whole vehicle, feel its cylinder head temps, etc. Anyone disagree that this would be the ideal time to locate a loose axle nut?
 Theft. A 7-year-old with a basic mechanical background and a Swiss Army knife can easily hot wire a bike. So can a potential thief.
Engine performance: A well tuned motorcycle starts much more easily. A hard start problem is harder to ignore and procrastinate on remedying when it is your own physical energy that is being expended. 
Street cred: “I’m in charge and owning this bike which is a PART of me – an APPENDAGE!” like the action of physically starting your bike with your own muscle. An audience always forms around a person that is about to kick their bike. The audience waits with baited breath while the owner does his pre-flight, makes some minor adjustments and then goes into the well-practiced choreography of the kicking routine. 

Original article by Tom Rose for Iron Horse mag
Courtesy of and the chronicles of flynch

Well, I think old Tom has some valid points 
I have designed my bike to incorporate the starter,and battery -  joe put the drain on the oil tank on the right because of the starter housing. 
But it would look okay without... but my bike does look different  with it. and everyone seems to be running stripped belt only bobbers..
Something to think about... cash doesn't always rule?

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