Wednesday, 15 September 2010

At last it begins ...

Funny, I was going to start at the front...

But don't have the parts reqd, so - ordered 'five countersunk 5/16 x 1" UNC Stainless socket bolts' (got the tech jargon now) for the front stainless brake disc - that I do have!
I used 'Custom Fasteners' as they were cheaper than 'Mr (stainless) Middleton'!

But I did order all my washers from 'Middletons' cos they do nice thick ones.

And five '7/16th UNF bolts and nyloc nuts' for the rear sprocket. (No nyloc nuts in UNC, as always compromises to make when you try to save money!)

And spacers fitted by Joe behind the rear sprocket require drilling out as they are 3/8th holes? He must have used rear disc spacers.

So along with 4 bolts for the rear caliper - I spent nearly forty odd quid on nuts and bolts!  Again!

I fitted these loverly Button Head bolts I had purchased earlier 
to dress the Rear Disc

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