Saturday, 11 September 2010

Smoke and mirrors....

Paul Niven's Sporty 

Paul came round in the week to have a look at my bike. We met at NCC Windsor bash where he won a prize with his fenland framed sporty.
He mentioned that it was so low he couldn't get his lift under it.
I said that mine shouldn't be a problem as I'd had the frame raised by an inch at the rear wheel as I wanted to go round corners.
So Friday I get this sheet of 8x4' marine ply I've got lying around outside and lay it on the nice tiled floor, having pushed my bike forward around the kitchen work top and carefully leaning it by its handlebars against the nice painted wall protected with a workshop manual.
Ren was out at the time.
Put the daggy carpet down to stop certain people tripping up on the sheet of ply. Off up to the garden shed and drag out the bike lift I bought all those years ago (15), blow off the cob webs.
Carefully lay it down in position and...

It won't slide under my bike.

Bit of a problem, as there's not too much room to manoeuvre the bike, and of course the lift has no wheels, like your modern jobs. So no pushing the bike into a corner when I'm finished.
Felt a bit fucked after this, the op is still slowing me up. 
So here I am sitting here looking at what you are viewing and planning my next move (note wooden blocks). If the Egyptians could do it...
I love my bike.


roland said...

wood block under front wheel,then lift go on maybe

arcadian said...

Thankyou Roland, but no room to take a run at it.
I think rocking from one side to another, Ive done this in the past before the lift, when I used bricks!