Thursday, 16 September 2010

Another fine mess stanley...

So who in their right mind buys an old banana caliper?

It was convenient.  It was an another item off the list,  It had that period look,  It meant a bracket could be welded on the frame build,  It ...

I bought it via email from Joe:–

'Disc and pads are new and looks like its had a rebuild as all clean and 
ready to fit'
'Caliper mounting holes and bracket mounting holes is not worn?'
'caliper is as good as it can get. bracket is fine no oval holes! '

And to be honest that is how it looked - until you take it apart.

Repent at leisure, I should know old shit is just that -

A load of worn out old shit
3 different bolt sizes (one the correct length), pads scored (but usable), worn mountings (but not oval!), piston scored, dust seal cracked etc

So what to do? 
Saddo that I am, I'm going to throw more money and time at it and rebuild the bastard!

That definitely, positively, decides it!  The front is having a NEW caliper, no fucking about!

Shit, I need to be able to stop this dream machine too....

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