Sunday, 19 September 2010


A Bike Jumble in Blighty on Saturday...
(A Swap meet, my colonial friends)

Killer Vintage bike
Original engine blew - too much nitro / methane or something

Badge Appeal

Light fantastic
 That is the bollocks, on my bike, yes please

 Oil trap? Nice whatever it is

Rockers Appeal

 Too much is not enough

I bought a 51' Triumph 5TA for £260.00 (no, I sold it for that!) 
when my sporty was off the road (I really was out of love).
The TA didn't look like this, all the bathtub shit had been taken off

 Winter Project Sir?

 Just needs a bit of fettling Sir...

 Two foot high midget bike

Went with Paul Niven and his brother Rob. 
Bumped into Johnno and his mates and had a chat, they made a flying (chopper) visit to Avon drags to meet the 'Flywheel Boneshaker' mob yesterday. 
Never been to Kempton before, a bit 'badgy' but some good workshop stuff here and there and if you are an old brit machine man, you're in heaven!

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