Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Kitchen Workshop

 I find the  kitchen sink comes in handy when one needs a recess for one's wheel spindle when one wishes to fit the stainless disc 
(what I purchased @ Fred Warrs Jumble many moons ago).
Fuck - my loverly stainless countersunk bolts one ordered are too long (5/16x1" the originals were 7/8" and I couldn't get that size).

 Time to get my Dad's hobby vice out, still stoutly bolted to a bit of 
fence post!
Carefully measuring 7/8" with ones vernier gauge (purchased for two quid at Kempton) I scribed a mark with the old indelible freezer box pen.

The shed yielded another lost treasure still fitted with its diamond disc from the property development days, (sic).
 So I fitted another purchase from Kempton for 99p, 
a 2mm metal cutting disc.
Wedging an allen key against the bolt and vice to stop any movement one carefully cut 1/8th" orwff.

And Voilá le disc est fitted Chef!