Monday, 30 August 2010

what is a chopper...

What is a chopper?
I know in my mind, what I think a chopper is.
A few magazines and blogs I like, pretty much say you have to have a rigid frame, to have a chopper. Or a sissy bar that reaches the axle. Or a kicker. etc etc
What do you think?
What is a chopper?
Who decides?
Who gives a fuck?
Why do these people always have to make rules about what is, and what isn't?
Who are they?
Who made them the bottom line?
You chop shit off.
So the Question is...
How much shit do you chop off? To make it a chopper?
And if you're building a bike/chopper, do you add a bunch of shit then chop it off?
Because if you don't then what you have is a custom bike, not a chopper.
Because a chopper has to be chopped.
Again, if you love your bike, then who really gives a fuck?
Its like that other question that those stupid magazines and blogs love : who's a real biker?
I think that the Bikers of yore didn't really give a fuck about either of these questions and just made their bikes the way they wanted too, and rode them the way they wanted too. Without worrying too much if someone thought they were real bikers or not, or what the style of their bike was called, as long as they showed class.
Which brings me to another question: What ever happened to CLASS?
'cause I don't know much, but I do know that huffing and puffing and telling everyone what makes a real biker or what you have to do to be a real biker or what you have to ride to be a real biker is showing no class at all.
shut the fuck up and ride.

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