Wednesday, 11 August 2010

saddo badge...

You get this for freezing your nuts off in Wales

I found the badge with some other bike shit that somehow has followed me through countless moves.
See my 'Dragon Slayers' post in May. 
Hey I bet the 69' badge is a collectors item Freddy!

And HEY, a big hallo to John from texas and Termajii in 'la belle' france.

Fuck its a good job I didnt order the BDL belt drive and clutch package
Its for non electric start! NOT clear in the catalogue.
Thankgod I checked BDL Site
Why they do that is a pisser. 
Well I guess just to fuck people like me up who would like to save money.


Fat Freddy said...

hey hey... back then we all had them 69 badges and patches

but it was the wings that showed real class

only rally i did back in '79 was the brighton HDRCGB superally.. i was smashed up in hospital most of '79..... good times hahaha

arcadian said...

Red Wings freddy? Haha