Sunday, 29 August 2010

Fuck August

And its raining again
Come on Be POSITIVE man,
First day back from 6 week recuperation and I get to clean my nice 2 bed rental property - that the tenant has as usual fucked a few items up, this time everything gets charged for on the inventory, no more mister nice guy 'oh thats fair ware and tear' bollocks.
On the positive side - I get PAID to clean my own property

Unusual luck, I get asked to clean carpets in a 4 bed house required on wed afternoon. The tenant is still moving out when I arrive! So fuck it get the vacuum out and get stuck in on all their debris. I finish and load up at eight pm in the pissing rain. Fuck I used to be a designer, what am I doing!
On the positive side - I got paid extra

Nothing ever goes right does it, the rental boiler overheated and shut down twice this year and BGas tell me the pipes are furred up and a section needs cutting out and then powerflushed, £800 quid please, 'no its not covered by your insurance'.
No thanks I'll do it myself, bit rusty - its been 2 years since I fitted the bathroom, but think I've got everything turned off, - fuck no I havent!  Thank god it was just a plastic push-in connector.
On the positive side - no flood, and no payment to BGas

The bills keep rolling in this month, Two property insurances, business insurance, car tax, no work, tenant moves out so no rental income and finally my accountant kindly billed me!
On the positve side - my agent found a New Tenant and they move in next week

Before all this shit I managed to get my wife a surprise birthday present for her big five O 50th.

Thought I'd be able to pay on the last of my credit card, oh no sorry cash only!!!

All this building my dream set off my wifes earlier passion of horse riding.
So the surprise pressie was a hack on Epsom downs.
Ren (on the left!) did well, her first ride in 25 years!

And my mate Johnny suprised Ren with his slide guitar and belted out the blues!

So no bike shit this month, 
Fuck August,
Recession, what recession!

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