Thursday, 22 July 2010

The view from my sofa

If I start, I will do too much. Bloody frustrating
I sit here and gaze at my creation and type this:
The lift's in the shed, I need to lay down a sheet of 8x4 Ply that I have, - if I crack that tiled floor, under that shitty carpet! HMMM I laid that floor, big ceramic tiles, could have started the hernia then, who knows. Staples out today, 4 weeks no lifting to go.
Anyway I'm going to order a BDL 1.5 belt drive and clutch
and keep the elec start primary (with some ventilation!) every thing else is just too much dinero.

Pic from Scotty on The Jockey Journal
Tech cycles do a elec start mount but again £800 phew. I will keep more (most) of the inner primary with hot rod go faster speed holes and make a better shape on the outer. Mind you if I had to buy the inner and outer primary? ££££.
Anyhow fortunes can change and have to get this baby on the road this year!

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