Saturday, 24 July 2010

decisions, decisions

Seized front Brake Caliper
Well I'm fucked off, of course its my fault, if you leave things twelve years what can you expect. I had my calipers polished, but forgot the caliper piston was left in there, well its fucking stuck now. I've soaked in penetrating oil. Maybe heat it up in the oven may shift it and fit a rebuild kit. But if its scored and then dont work? Am I going to throw money at this to find its shit?
Trouble is because the forks are pre '84 there are no calipers on ebay to fit.

Handlebar brake master cylinder
My mate bead blasted this for me again ten or twelve years ago, but it looks a mess now, needs a rebuild kit and polish.

Whooa, dream time. from


roland said...

hi,is it OK now ?
if not mail me ,i've this caliper

arcadian said...

Salut Roland, je vous remercie pour votre offre, mais la pourriture a mis en et je me suis convaincu que je devrais dépenser l'argent et être en mesure d'arrêter, je vais vous laisser savoir si je change d'avis (à court de liquidités)

roland said...

i don't want money
mail me ,more easy to speack