Friday, 30 July 2010

Make your own

Brake Caliper piston extractor
Rowan came up with this tool, it took me a couple of hours and it didn't work for me.
The bung just compressed outside the piston. I'll try again with a bigger washer on top.
What I really need is a Blind Bearing Extractor (I didn't even realise these exist)
There's a tool for everything.
This is a Chevy Door Handle Spanner made by Snap-on
I use it on my shovel head bolts.

Captain Sensible thinks that stopping is good and maybe more money from the empty dinero sack should go on a good Harrison billet caliper. I'm running one disc instead of two, looks good and saving money. Mainly because I got a brand new stainless unused disc at Warrs jumble back in the day for £25 (new £100).

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