Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Time waits for no one...

Found in my toolbox today
So, I was thirty nine when I finally stopped riding the shovel and put it to one side.
And now its 2010.
Fuck what a waste of time.

Shovel Lite found in the box of life
Bought in Santa Monica Harley Davidson '79
I know its just a lighter to the rest of the world. 
But the shop guy told me that he'd served round the world (vietnam man), and this was the only place he knew where he could ski in the mountains in the morning and swim on the beach in the afternoon. 

Well I debated about posting a pic of my scar that I got a look at for the first time today, but no - I don't think the world's quite ready.
Latest probs: The battery box is too small and the rear pipe has a long 1/2 millimetre deep seam in it thats quite noticeable, except I didn't see it when I picked it up, too excited I guess. So back to fenland.
Waiting for final postage costs from the states, I've added a rotor / alternator kit to the BDL belt drive and clutch order. So thats a £700 bill I hadn't planned for, - great. 
My problem with the seized front brake caliper may have been solved with a brilliant tool that Mr Rowan came up with that involves a rubber bung and bolt. We shall see.
Fuck I'm bored bored bored.
I love my bike.
Phew, thank god its beer o'clock. 

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