Thursday, 22 July 2010

big hair - and how the f*@k did I get in that jacket

Teddington, Middlesex 78'/79'
God help the neighbours when we rented a house in this lovely road near Bushey Park. We all had bikes. Me a Sporty and a Triumph 5TA, Neil a Yam 650 twin, Pidge a Suzuki, Jon a Honda 950?,
Bill a Yam 750 shaft, Dude? a Bsa Single and Yam 650 twin.
If you look close my bike is a little worse for wear. I've still got that side mount no plate. The bars were monsters I got off Jake @ Motique for an advert I did. After all these years the Sporty Reg plate is still attached to the side mount and as is the (drag specs) rear light so its going on 'the Holy One' for now.

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