Saturday, 17 July 2010

Good Morning World...

Jeremiah and a new customer (from England) Picture copyright of Love Cycles

Hallo Hallo. Wow feeling ten time better this morning, must have been the cider and wine combo last night, - or was it being able to hit the bathroom after 7 days?
Too much information?
Just want to say hi to you chaps visiting my page, a special hi five to the US contingent: Texas, California, Illinois, Connecticut, South Carolina, Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, and Georgia.
Hey sign up so we can put a face to the map guys.
Just visited Jeremiah @ Love Cycles site, fucking great to see his gorgeous knucks and pans and shovels in his own inimitable style. A refreshing take on the custom chopper/bobber scene.
Saving up for the tee Jeremiah, great Logo!

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