Sunday 2 May 2010


Fenland Chopper Engineering

Got a call from Joe on Thursday, he wants to start the build, fuckinyes!
Went up the next day, with my wheels and forks, got there at 10.45 left at 1.45.
Another chinwag marathon with Joe.
From my revised list heres where we're at:
1. Its now a 'Goose Neck' hard tail frame, 38˚rake for 8" over forks, and set 1" higher for ground clearance, 2" stretch at back for elec start battery
2. Drilled headsteady ('Gofaster' speed holes)
3. Oval Oil Tank with 'Gofaster Speed hole' straps
(Just like Malcoms bike in Ogri, he drilled too many and guess what happened...)
4. Remote Oil filter mount
5. 'Gofaster' style fork brace (I'm calling the forks FLEXYS - cos they'll flex!)
6. Axle plates (paint protectors)
7. Battery holder, drilled!
7. Sissy Bar made of twisted bar 70's style and memory of my sporty. Joe thinks it s wrong to put a wrought iron gate on a chop! Anyway fuckyou 'zero' bunnies.
Its been really good to talk through the project with someone who understands where you're at and can then fabricate it.
And that I'm on severe budget.
But some things have to be done!
Got to take the engine up next for the zorst, but haven't decided on the style yet, I like high level shot gun style but then you burn your leg... decisions, decisions.
But I have decided to dry build and ride this season and paint next winter cos of time and deneroes!

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